Guatemala announces withdrawal of its ambassador to Russia

The president of Guatemala, Alexander Giammatteiannounced on Friday the withdrawal of its ambassador to Russia, in rejection of the invasion of the Eurasian country Ukraine.

The president justified the decision because his government, he explained, does not accept that the sovereignty of any country be attacked, one day after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, in the largest offensive by one nation against another in Europe since the WWII.

“We reject what Russia is doing, and that is why I ordered, four days ago, the withdrawal of the Guatemalan ambassador to Russia, because we are not going to contemplate an attack on the sovereignty of any country, because tomorrow they could do it to us. us,” Giammattei said at a public event.

It was unclear whether the Guatemalan ambassador to Moscow, Guisela Godínez, was still in the Russian capital or had returned to the Central American nation.

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