Grieving family of a 27-year-old man who died after being hit by a police car in protest | ITV News

The family of a man who died after being hit by a police car in Peacehaven met with the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) on Friday 6 May, for the first time since the incident.

Arthur Holscher-Ermert, 27, was hit by a vehicle marked around 11:10 p.m. on Saturday, April 30, near the Dorothy Avenue junction at A259 South Coast Road.

His death was confirmed at the scene of the accident.

His family has met with representatives of the police watchdog, after the organization confirmed a Sussex police officer is under criminal investigation in connection with the incident.

The IOPC will investigate whether the unidentified officer involved should be prosecuted.

Arthur Holscher-Ermert, 27, died after the incident at Peacehaven on Saturday April 30.

Arthur Holscher-Ermert’s brother Karl told ITV Meridian: “The IOPC really needs to investigate all the officers who were there on duty that night who were involved in this operation that was taking place.

“In the end, my brother lost his life.

“We will never see him again. His memory is the only thing that will be with us now.”

Karl received a phone call from his father Jens early Sunday morning to tell him that his brother had been in an accident.

“We were informed that he had been in a traffic collision, not that he had been in a traffic collision with a police car, and that he was on foot,” he added.

“We were told by a member of the public.”

Flowers left at the scene on the A259 in Peacehaven.

IOPC Regional Director Graham Beesley said: “Today we meet with Arthur’s family to update them on our inquiries and assure them that a full and robust independent investigation will be carried out to establish what happened.“We are aware of the speculation and comment that Arthur may have been handcuffed immediately after the collision.

“In the police body video footage we have reviewed to date, we have seen no evidence that this was the case. “We would reiterate our call for anyone who may have footage or witness something relevant to our investigations to come forward and speak with us. It could be vital in helping us get a full picture of what happened.”

Anyone with information is urged to call the IOPC on 0300 3035612 or email [email protected] as soon as possible.

The scene of the incident.

Arthur’s family is organizing a peaceful protest on Saturday May 7th in response to Arthur’s death.

The family says they feel there is enough public demand for the protest.

Karl added: “I don’t want this to get out of control and for people to be aggressive towards the police.

“We have to be there determined, all together, in peace.”

The peaceful protest takes place outside Sussex Police headquarters in Lewes at 1pm

In a statement, Sussex Police Superintendent James Collis said: “We are aware of a planned protest outside Sussex Police Headquarters on Saturday 7th May.

“We understand the strength of feelings following the tragic death of Arthur Holscher-Ermert and will facilitate a peaceful protest.

“We are providing every assistance to the IOPC to allow for a thorough investigation and for the family to receive the answers they need.

“Our thoughts are with Arthur’s family and friends and we would ask the public to allow the investigation to run its course.”

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