Government of Puebla will deliver to Congress the proposal for Expenditure and Income Laws

Puebla, Pue. The state government will deliver this Thursday to the Congress of the entity the proposal of Expenditure and Income Laws, in which education, health, public safety and the countryside, as well as the payment of works carried out by Service Provision Projects (PPS) and Public Private Associations (PPP) will be the priorities for 2022.

The foregoing, the president announced, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, who highlighted that education is where the most is spent; however, the other items will not be neglected.

He explained that after the Ministry of Planning and Finance has completed the delivery, it will begin lobbying for the proposals before committees of legislators to make the necessary adjustments.

Previously, the head of that state agency, María Teresa Castro Corro, reported that a budget of 104,094 million is expected for 2022, 92% of the total from the Federation through branches 28 and 33, as well as centralization agreements .

He explained that from branch 28, Puebla would receive just over 44,562.9 million pesos, while from branch 33 it would be 40,751 million and in agreements 10,530 million, representing a total of just over 95,937 million pesos.

In the case of own resources, the projection of the state administration is to capture 8,000 million pesos for the Payroll Tax (ISN), rights, products and uses.


Barbosa Huerta stressed that healthy finances are maintained and resorting to debt is not considered, despite the fact that there are long-term payment obligations, up to 20 years, generated by works that were carried out through Service Provision Projects (PPS) and Associations Public Private (APP), especially in previous governments.

He commented that the austerity policy will continue to give priority in resources to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in 2022, with the confidence that the economic recovery can take place.

The president reiterated that they will continue with the responsible exercise of spending the budget based on the needs of the state, as they have been doing in the last three years of his administration.

He pointed out that in the case of local taxes, new ones will not be created either, but there will be adjustments based on inflation, collection of rights, products and uses without this representing an impact on Puebla taxpayers.

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