Monterey, NL. Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda met with authorities from the Texas Department of Transportation, in the city of Austin, to present the highway master plan, whose objective is to facilitate transportation mobility and connectivity.

He explained that these works will reduce the travel time for those who circulate through the Gloria-Colombia and seek to reach Texas, as well as for those who pass through the Interserrana highway and the Monterrey Metropolitan Area Bypass.

“With this plan we can ensure that they are going to spend half the time passing through Nuevo León, and we are going to reduce it to an hour and a half, all of this makes sense, because we are trying to connect (faster) with Texas and let them know that in a year we will finish the highway and pay for its modernization”, he affirmed.

He added that in two years they will finish the second one, in three years the southern one and in five years the three highways will be ready.

García Sepúlveda highlighted that Nuevo León has been receiving more and more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for about 11 years, so the 14-kilometer border that it shares with Texas has the potential to benefit both entities.

92% of the population of Nuevo León is concentrated in the state capital. It is currently the second most populous metropolis in the country and ranks second in attracting FDI, after Mexico City.

“Most of the industry and companies are establishing themselves in Monterrey, so it doesn’t matter if they cross through Reynosa, Matamoros, Laredo or Piedras Negras, they will come to Monterrey and most of the investments that we are having in Mexico are establishing themselves in Monterrey. “, he added.

At the end of 2021, Nuevo León received 4,026.2 million dollars, which represented an annual increase of 30.1% and exceeded the pre-pandemic figures with 23% compared to the last quarter of 2019, according to the Federal Ministry of Economy.

Meanwhile, according to figures from the Texas-Mexico Center, the state of Texas has been Mexico’s most important trading partner since 1990.

Of all US exports, 15% originate in Texas and 40% are shipped to Mexico.

“The distance between Texas and the states plays an important role in trade with Mexico.”

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