Google launches a teaser for Pixel 6 that increases adaptability

Google released the first trailer for the upcoming Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, giving fans a first look at the device being used in the real world.

The trailer comes about a month after Google introduced the phones. At the time, the search giant only showed renders – seeing a real hand pick up the phone is nice, even if it’s just a video.

As for video, it mostly seems to present the benefits of Android 12 more than the Pixel 6 itself. The text shown in the video asks “what if smartphones weren’t just smart?” and instead adapted to users. At one point, the video mentions ‘learning’ followed by a look at Google’s internal Tensor chip. In addition to powering the phone, Tensor has a huge focus on artificial intelligence. Google has been trying to launch the truly ‘smart’ phone with the Pixel lineup for a while now, and it appears the company is duplicating that idea here.

However, the trailer mainly shows the elements of the Android UI changing and adapting, one of the main promises of Android 12. Of course, that promise is mainly about the colors changing to match the background. screen, but is nonetheless customizable.

Finally, the video says that the phone will arrive “Fall 2021”, which most people already knew. However, Google also published a teaser image on Instagram. Android Police notes that the clock widgets on the Instagram post say “Tuesday the 19th” – the next 19th that falls on Tuesday is October. Previous rumors pointed to an October release date. Also, in the past, Google released Pixel phones in late September and early to mid-October, so the October 19 date definitely seems plausible.

Source: Google, Instagram Via: The edge, Android Police

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