Giró warns the CUP that without budgets the independence bloc is cracking

  • The ‘minister’ of Economy believes that a possible veto to the accounts of 2022 would be a support to the “repression” of the State

The ‘Minister’ of Economy, Jaume Giró, has warned the CUP that if it does not support the Generalitat’s budgets for next year, the pro-independence majority will break down and the “repression” of the State will be favored. The anti-capitalists debate and vote this weekend on whether or not they support the accounts.

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In an article in the digital El Nacional, Giró warns that without budgets a “crack” would open in the agreement between pro-independence parties. Moreover, the head of Economy alerts the ‘cupaires’ that if they do not guarantee the accounts, it would be “support for the policy of judicial repression and economic persecution with which the State – Giró maintains – has faced the legitimate expression of a shared will “.

In the article, in an outstretched tone, he also appeals to responsibility and “civility” and generosity of the anti-capitalists to put the support for the budgets before their differences with the Government, and ensures that the accounts for 2022 are the best possible in terms of social policies, feminism and sustainability.

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