Girard budget: $255 million for regional air transport

The Legault government will inject $255 million to support air transport, including $234 million to improve regional services and give consumers access to more competitive rates.

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“The objective is to increase the frequency and reduce the cost of service,” said Finance Minister Eric Girard.

The outline of these investments will however be unveiled soon by the Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel.

Quebec will issue a check for $55 million in 2022-2023 and $50 million the following years, until 2026-2027.

“Regional air services in Quebec are limited due, in particular, to the vast territory to be served, the high cost of plane tickets and the low demand that results from it”, mentions the Ministry of Finance to explain its investments in this industry. .

In addition, the emergency aid dedicated to regional air transport will also be extended by one year. The check will amount to $21 million. Of this amount, $16 million will go into the pockets of carriers and $5 million will be used to support airport authorities.

With these new investments, the government will have paid $107 million since the start of the pandemic to help regional air transport, which has seen a significant drop in traffic. This amount includes a financial contribution of $18 million from Ottawa.


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