Ghana pesos per third day; advance advance data of private employment of United States

El mexican peso is marginalized against the dollar estadounidense is this school. The local currency is in its third consecutive advance, supported by a green ticket debit card and a higher appetite for risk assets.

El cambio type total was found in 20,5410 units per dollar, compared to 20,5939 units ago with dates Bank of Mexico (Banxico). This means a gain of 5.29 cents or 0.26 per cent.

The cross operates in a range between a maximum of 20.6433 units and a minimum of 20.4810 units. El Index Dollars (DXY), which uses the ticket office against its six reference divisions, has a zero -0.49% stake at a level of 95.90 points.

The estadounidense division has four chains of consecutive manners in a market with an appetite for risk assets. Last week, in the middle of the agitation, there was a maximum of 19 weeks since it took place.

Temprano will pay the estimated price by the level of 20,5000 units, but this will be a good part for its banks to have a date on the United States private sector, with 310,000 less.

“The figure reflects the impact of the propagation of the omnipresent variant, which preceded the recovery of the labor market during the first half of the year.

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