Germany generalize specific restrictions for unvaccinated people, such as excluding them from certain public places, to combat a new outbreak of infections by Covid-19, the outgoing Chancellor announced on Thursday, Angela Merkel, after a crisis meeting.

“We need to quickly put a stop to the exponential increase” in new infections and the occupation of beds in intensive care units, Angela Merkel declared after a crisis meeting with regional heads of government, competent in health matters.

In the last 24 hours, 65,371 new cases of Covid-19 were detected, according to the health surveillance institute Robert Koch (RKI), an unprecedented increase since the pandemic.

The so-called “2G” rule, which allows only the vaccinated (“geimpfte”) and the cured (“genesene”) to access public places such as restaurants or concert halls, will be applied when the hospitalization threshold exceeds three Covid patients for every 100,000 inhabitants, he indicated, which is already happening in most regions of the country.

According to this provision, the presentation of a negative test will no longer be enough if the person is not vaccinated. In the capital, this measure was already being applied. Now, it will be extended to the entire territory.

When the threshold of hospitalizations exceeds the value of six, those vaccinated and people who have passed the Covid must, in addition to presenting their certificate, have a negative test to access a list of establishments. The closure of shops, restaurants and bars is not ruled out either.

Instead, schools will remain open, although students will have to take tests from time to time.

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In addition, those responsible urged the population to work from home whenever possible. To use the transports and enter the workplace, a health pass will also be required.

Likewise, the leaders agreed that vaccination against the covid is mandatory for the personnel of hospitals and nursing homes, something to which the Merkel government had refused to date, but the timetable for the application of this measure is still not clear. .

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