German firm will install new plant in Querétaro

Queretaro, Qro. BCS Automotive Interface Solutions, a firm that generates control systems for the interior of vehicles, will install a plant in Querétaro, the second in the country, where it will start operations in the second quarter of the year and will start with Tesla requirements.

The company of German origin invests 1,200 million pesos in the project, with the expectation of generating 836 jobs progressively in the next three years.

Construction of the plant began in May 2021 at the Innovation Technology Park, in El Marqués; It is currently ready to give rise to the start of operations, explained the executive director of Strategy and Transformation of BCS, Luis Carlos González Jiménez.

He specified that the plant is starting engines with a project to provide Tesla with accessories to install phone chargers in vehicles.

For the new plant, the firm already has six projects won to supply components to both Tesla and General Motors (GM).

Parts will be manufactured from the state to supply the Mexican and United States markets. The firm has eight plants in the world: four in Europe, two in the United States, one in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, and the new facility in Querétaro.

The company is dedicated to the development of air conditioning controls and complex switches, among others; part of its products are used by original parts producers, such as GM and brands of Stellantis, Toyota and Tesla.

Before deciding the location of the plant, seven states of the Republic were analyzed, but they chose to settle in Querétaro, considering the labor market, logistical advantages and security systems.

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