The president of the ERC parliamentary group in Congress, Gabriel Rufian, is still mulling over what to do with the offer of the party leadership of lead the party list in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, in the municipal elections of 2023, a little more than a year from now.

The main point of doubt, according to sources close to him in Madrid, is the personal cost of timesince the Republican understands that maintaining the Republican leadership in the Courts, something that in no case is expected to stop happening, and, at the same time, “representing a political project” in his hometown “occupies the time of almost two lives points out this voice that points out that one of Rufián’s obsessions is to take time to be with his son.

So much so, that if the request had not come directly from the party’s leading duo, from the president of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, and the general secretary, Martha Rovira, this source bets that Rufián had not even “considered the option.”

Another point against it is the media animosity of those related to Junts who “after losing four general elections against him”, two with Quico Homs and the other two against Laura Borràs herself, do not stop promoting that participation in the elections It is a first step for Rufián to leave the scene. “They repeat as often as they can that he’s amortized, and it’s tiresome for him.”

It is not unusual for parties to wait until the last weeks of summer to appoint candidates in the municipal elections (which are always held the following May). Without going any further, that is what the ERC itself did in the case of Barcelona in 2019, when he replaced Alfred Bosch with Ernest Maragall, because, demoscopy in hand, they saw the option to win the elections in the Catalan capital, as it was in number of votes.

ERC’s commitment to Rufián in Santa Coloma transcends the Colombian panorama. Junqueras and Rovira theorized, after 1-O, that one of the deficits of the independence movement was the low vote percentages in the Barcelona metropolitan area and region.

Thus, what is intended is for Rufián to be a hooking pennant for a force, the Republican one, which election after election has been progressing in this territory, even though the distance with the PSC continues to be very great.

Without going any further, the starting point of Rufián himself against the current mayor, Núria Parlón, is one of those that take your breath away.

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In the local elections of 2019, the PSC obtained the 50.95% of the votes, for the 9.91% of the Republicans, who were the fourth force at the time. These 41 points away means the greater distance between the two forces throughout the metropolitan area, the 36 municipalities that make up the built-up urban continuum of Barcelona.

In the parliamentary elections, the Salvador Illa’s PSC obtained 41.70% of the ballots in Santa Coloma for 14.90% of those in ERC, with Pere Aragonès as a leader. A good descent, but, despite everything, almost the triple of socialist versus republican ballots.

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