From praise to reproach

Someone said that a good friend is not the one who praises you, but the one who tells you the truth. The phrase that you ever hear without knowing its origin comes from the report published in Aristegui Noticias about the possible conflict of interest that exists between the government program Sembrando vida, its technical director, the agronomist Hugo Chávez Ayala, and the Rocío factory, chocolates, owned by the sons of President López Obrador, José Ramón, Gonzalo Ignacio and Andrés Manuel López Beltrán, the latter, apparently, is in charge of the company.

The information caused the president’s anger. In the morning conference last Monday, without there being any question involved, he wanted to clarify that Carmen Aristegui and the magazine Proceso “made a whole false investigation, without grounds, to seek to stain us with the maxim of the underworld of journalism, that slander, when does not stain soot. (Note that he said “they did a whole false investigation.” Then, whether it was a liar or not, there was an investigation. He could have omitted the concept “they did an investigation” and say that they made a report based on lies. , I get the impression that the president fell into a Freudian lapse. Why investigate if a lie is going to be invented?)

“He took the opportunity to point out that Proceso and Carmen Aristegui have never been in favor of our movement and that they have never done journalism in favor of the people.” (What is pro-people journalism?). He said that with these “pseudo-objective, pseudo-progressive, pseudo-independent” media he has no identification or sympathy. As they say in popular language, “she was bathed” by stating that Carmen Aristegui writes in Reforma and “belongs, then, to the group that supports the conservative bloc.”

I think the president was rushed. The topic was not so bad. Touching it, without any questions, at a morning lecture, heightened it to the level of scandal. I think it happened in the bad treatment and the reproach towards the journalist.

If someone gave AMLO a microphone when “the power mafia” was chasing him, it was Carmen. Let’s remember: In 2011 when Aristegui’s program received strong pressure from the government of Felipe Calderón, López Obrador wrote on a twitter: “My solidarity with Carmen Aristegui. This new attack on freedom of expression is shameful. There is no doubt about the power mafia ”.

When Carmen was fired from MVS Noticias for making known the existence of Peña Nieto’s “White House”, Andrés Manuel said that Carmen had been unfairly censored because they were uncomfortable (the powerful) with the journalism carried out by the host, they act like dictators, ”he said.

There is also a call on YouTube that the Tabasco made to the journalist, now labeled a conservative, when she returned to the radio: “Carmen, I’m talking to you to wish you the best. I’m sure your program will be very successful. It has been in other moments, even in the time when you only had Internet transmission. Now that you are, again on open radio, you are going to have a lot of listeners as always, a lot of people watching your newscast, because of what you represent, because of what you mean ”.

Without tearing her clothes, the journalist who has always shown to be independent in her points of view and work with attachment for the best causes in the country, Carmen responded to López Obrador’s reaction with the request that the chief executive read well The report. In addition, she clarified that neither she personally nor the Aristegui Noticias media position themselves for or against the president of Mexico. “At Aristegui Noticias we are neither in favor nor against your movement. This space is, simply and simply, that, a space for journalists ”.

Personally, I am concerned that our president is confusing appreciation and / or sympathy with submission.

Manuel Ajenjo

Writer and television scriptwriter

The Privilege of Opinion

Mexican television scriptwriter. Known for having made the scripts for programs such as Salad de Locos, La carabina de Ambrosio, La Güereja and something else, El privilegio de command, among others.

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