Frederic Sinistra, world kickboxing champion and declared anti-vaccine champion, dies of coronavirus

Frederic Left, a three-time world kickboxing champion and recognized anti-vaccine against covid-19, died of coronavirus after being discharged from the hospital.

The opposition of ‘The Undertaker’ to the vaccine was such that he and his family never admitted that the fighter’s hospitalization had to do with covid-19, but they always spoke of “health problems” or “a little virus”. In fact, Sinistra left the hospital as soon as it was in his power and returned to his home to continue his treatment there.

Sinistra had previously uploaded a video where he could be seen struggling to breathe, saying that he “had no time to waste with lazy people.” In other posts on his social media, he said that the “little virus” wouldn’t stop him while expressing his objections against the measures against the covid.

The Belgian media assured that Sinistra asked to be released from the hospital by signing the voluntary discharge. Sinistra’s last post was on December 13. Two days later he died after suffering cardiac arrest. His death was announced by his partner in a Facebook post.

His wife also wanted to send the message that Sinistra did not die from coronavirus: “My husband did not die of covid. He would never have accepted that what happened to him was used to spread fear and claim the vaccination. The tabloid press and some of his relatives are doing their August in social networks since my silence and absence comes for my pain, not for fear or lack of answers to all these people who claim to have known my husband. “

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