“France would not allow ‘ongi etorris’ to the Bataclan assassins”: the victims stop the pro Parot act

“We have pushed hard enough to scare the bad guys. That his name does not appear in the concentrations is a success ”. Speaks Daniel Goalkeeper, president of the Dignity and Justice Association and son of Luis Portero García, chief prosecutor of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, assassinated by ETA in 2000.

This Saturday he will be at the rally in favor of the victims of the terrorist gang in Mondragón. They have chosen this place because the left nationalist an honorary act was scheduled there dedicated to the ETA Henri Parot, which took 39 lives and is currently in prison.

The support network for ETA prisoners, Sare, has backed down “due to social pressure” from the victims’ associations and, finally, has diluted the tribute to Parot in a series of acts against “life imprisonment” for members of ETA. They will be held in various parts of the Basque Country. “It is a camouflaged tribute, the background is the same,” they say from Covite (Collective of Victims of Terrorism in the Basque Country).

This organization coincides with Portero’s vision, and attributes the change in nomenclature to the pressure that has been exerted from different points of civil society. “The institutions have done nothing to prevent this,” says Portero in conversation with EL ESPAÑOL.

“If an Islamic terrorist or rapist were honored, surely Spanish society would take to the streets to prevent it. I see a lot of passivity with the victims of ETA ”, reasons Portero, who is currently also a deputy for the Popular Party in the Assembly of the Community of Madrid.

Miguel Folguera, a victim of Parot and counselor of the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT) thinks the same. “It wouldn’t be allowed directly. Society seems to be asleep because the acts of homage to ETA take place every weekend ”.

“They are going to demonstrate against a false life sentence. The only life sentence that exists is that of the victims, which is that of pain,” he added.

Folguera also does not understand that the Government approached Parot from Cádiz to the León penitentiary: “He is an uncle who has never repented, who has not apologized, has not collaborated with justice and did not have the approval of the prison to your transfer. In France or the United States, a tribute to the terrorists of 9/11 or the Bataclan room would be understood ”.

Political parties

Vox will move to the act of Mondragon, led by its leader Santiago Abascal, and PP. Representing the popular will go Ana Beltran. Pablo Casado will not finally attend the organized tribute. Ciudadanos will not be in Mondragón either, but its national leader, Ines Arrimadas, will go to Zaragoza to participate in the floral offering organized at the Casa Cuartel de la Guardia Civil, where one of the bloodiest attacks by the band was committed.

The AVT has organized rallies in four parts of Spain: Madrid, Zaragoza, Granada and San Sebastián as they are the cities where Parot caused the most pain.

The associations have been “abandoned” both by the Government and by the Justice. The judge of the National Court José Luis Calama rejected this Friday to prohibit the march called this Saturday in Mondragón in favor of the ETA prisoner Henri Parot, as there is no data at this time to determine if there could be a crime of glorification of terrorism.

The head of the central investigating court number 4 thus follows the criteria of the Prosecutor’s Office, although he has asked the Security Forces to monitor the progress and adopt the necessary measures to avoid acts of glorification of terrorism by ETA or by humiliation their victims.

The main argument, both from the judge and the Prosecutor’s Office, is that there are currently no elements that allow determining whether the facts could hypothetically constitute a crime, and criminal law can only prosecute and punish crimes that have already occurred.

The Ministry of the Interior argues that it does not have “legal instruments” to prohibit the reception of ETA members, known as Ongi Etorri, as published by EL ESPAÑOL.

The Department of Fernando Grande-Marlaska states that it is waiting for the European Commission to review the Directive 2017/541, of March 15, 2017, to change the Law 29/2011, of September 22, on Recognition and Comprehensive Protection of Victims of Terrorism. And that then, yes, the welcome and parties honoring terrorists.

Although the law could have been changed, the Government has decided not to do so until the European Union obliges it.


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