Four people shot at unsanctioned car meet in Scarborough parking lot

Four people have been taken to the hospital after a shooting at an unsanctioned car rally in Scarborough on Sunday night.

Toronto police said it happened in a parking lot near McCowan Road and Milner Avenue, north of Highway 401.

When police arrived, they located four people suffering from gunshot wounds.

Toronto paramedics said one male victim suffered severe, life-altering injuries, two male victims sustained severe injuries and a fourth male had minor injuries.

No suspect information has been released, but Duty Insp. Paul Krawczyk said the shooter possibly left the area in a white Honda Civic.

“This has been a busy day in Toronto, obviously, for this type of event. And it’s very concerning for us,” said Krawczyk.

I have noted that many people were in the parking lot at the time of the shooting.

“There were a lot of nice, high-end cars here, which I believe probably have dash cam footage. And we’re asking anybody with that dash cam footage to please provide it to police or if they want to remain anonymous to go through Crime Stoppers at 222-TIPS (8477),” Krawczyk said.

Officers have cordoned off the entire parking lot as they collect evidence.

“You can see some markings down by some white vehicles there. I believe there was at least one of the shootings (that) occurred over there,” Krawcyzk said. “We obviously have some (of the) victims’ cars here as well, who have now gone to the hospital.”

“We’re going to do our best to have a successful conclusion to this investigation,” he added.

The shooting in Scarborough was the fourth in the city on Sunday. Earlier this afternoon, police responded to three separate shootings in the span of two hours that left one man dead and three others critically injured, including two teenage boys.

Police have also not released suspect information on those incidents.

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