Former PAN presidents see crisis within the party

The National Action Party (PAN) is plunged into a crisis, former national albiazul presidents agreed; however, they disagreed on the reason for it.

The electoral debacle has been under the leadership of Marko Cortés Mendoza, recently elected for a new three-year term, diagnosed the former national leaders Damián Zepeda and Gustavo Madero.

“The strategy (of the national president) is flawed, he has to change it,” Zepeda said.

For Madero, the national leadership of his party “has not realized what happened in 2018. People voted for a change and it seems that they have not understood that message and want to continue with the same logic, without opening up and without renewing themselves. That is costing us a lot electorally ”.

The Chihuahuan considered that the PAN “is the party that people are waiting for to build the alternative to Morena, but it is not achieving it and that is the challenge.

“Today people do not feel identified with the PAN. Those who vote for the PAN do so out of fear of Morena and hatred of Andrés Manuel, but not because of his proposals, candidates. The challenge is for the leadership to understand that, “he said.

For his part, Marcelo Torres had a different opinion when he said that there are “external forces that seek to weaken” his party, “the strongest opposition that exists in Mexico” that, however, he does not identify.

To the question of how the PAN will face the elections for the next three years, in the context of the surrender of the square by Marko Cortés, who already recognized, a year before, that of the six governorships in dispute in 2022 (Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas), although the PAN members are going to barely manage to retain Aguascalientes, Torres replied:

“Unfortunately we have to go through complex situations, nothing in life is given away and it is not easy either. We are going to give the fight, the fight, seeking to build first within the party to come out strengthened in the face of any political scenario that arises both for the elections of 22, 23 and, of course, of 24 ”.

Torres defended that Cortés Mendoza’s words were taken out of context. “It was not, as is, declaring an anticipated defeat in five of the six entities, far from it. We know the complexity and what he was referring to was a context, first at that time, and without considering an alliance. With the alliance it totally changes (the next electoral scenario).

“I am aware of the complex situation that exists politically, but it is no less true that with discipline, order and generosity we can build within the party (…) I know it will not be easy.”

“Is there a crisis in the PAN?” He was asked.

“The reality of things is that when have we not been in crisis? Always. National Action is not ignoring it. I am fully willing to contribute so that National Action can move forward ”, completed the current political delegate of the party in Durango, where he tries to build the alliance with the PRI and the PRD towards the dispute of the governorship, next year.

Before the elections of June 6, when 15 governorships were disputed, the PAN governed just over 25 million people (20.06% of the population); currently governs approximately 23 million, a figure that represents 18.44% of the Mexicans that populate the national territory.

Of the 2,469 municipalities in the country, the PAN alone governs 137 (5.5%) but in total, once the mayoralties that it won in the last election in alliance with other political forces added together, there are 427 (17.2%) that are in his power.

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