Fools and electricity bills, by Jordi Alberich

A few days ago, the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, described the ten million citizens covered by the regulated rate. An extemporaneous comment in any case, but especially if it turns out that among those millions of people, there are many who find it difficult to make ends meet. And that, for some time now, to pay the electricity bill they must give up other needs. But, in addition, the issue goes far beyond an outburst received with smiles by the attendees.

After all this emerges the nonsense of transfer responsibility to the citizen to make the right choice of electricity payment formula. The regulation and the bill itself are extremely complex, subject to factors that go far beyond what can be required of a subscriber. What the citizen expects, among whom I include myself, is something as simple as paying for electricity, trusting that such an essential public service will be supplied in the best possible conditions, without having to read and interpret the fine print of the offers of one or another electric company or of the various options of the same company. In addition, the rate is subject to the evolution of totally unpredictable variablessuch as the war in Ukraine or any conflict that may occur in the producing countries, all of them thousands of kilometers away.

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It will be said that the comment was a tone output without more and that the character has already apologized, but I think we are facing what is called a Freudian slip, one that reveals the true thoughts of a person. A way of thinking applicable to a whole group of managers who receive millionaire salaries and believe that they can earn hundreds of times what an average employee, because they have talent and merit. The one that those of us who do not know how to discern the best rate lack. And there is plenty for the beneficiaries of a montage that, if not redirected, who knows how it will end.

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