Cancun, QR. The National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) entered the Portfolio of Investment Projects of the Ministry of Finance three requests that together add up to more than 180 million pesos for equipment and maintenance of the Integrally Planned Centers (CIP) such as Cancun, Cozumel, Huatulco, Ixtapa, LitibĂș, Playa Espiritu, Los Cabos and Loreto.

The first request is for an amount of 57.4 million pesos for the acquisition of machinery and construction equipment for conservation and maintenance in the CIPs for this fiscal year 2022.

The second request is for the acquisition of transportation and cargo equipment for the conservation and maintenance works of the CIPs for an amount of 100.6 million pesos.

Lastly, Fonatur asked the Treasury for 22.9 million pesos for gardening and pumping equipment; the total amount requested to start exercising it is 180.9 million.

These three requests are complementary to a previous one submitted to the Treasury in September 2021 for the purchase of land on which they will build an Intermodal Transfer Center (Cetram) that interconnects the Cancun airport with the Mayan Train and the local transport system.

Through a project cost-efficiency analysis document, Fonatur requests 1,212 million pesos to allow it to acquire the land where, in addition to Cetram, they will develop additional equipment for the proper functioning of the Mayan Train.

To the above, the Ministry of Finance assigned a budget of 222 million pesos for maintenance works to the Cancun Integrally Planned Center and the Cozumel Marina in the 2022 fiscal package.

According to the description, the project consists of intervening the current infrastructure and equipment of said CIP to develop urbanization works (rain and sanitary drainage, public lighting, roads), head works (wastewater treatment plants), urban equipment works and tourism (public areas and urban furniture) and landscape architecture and urban design (irrigation network and green areas).

This maintenance program has been carried out since 2021 and will conclude in 2023, in order to continue the previous maintenance work and thus achieve a good level of service through the conservation of infrastructure and equipment of both tourist destinations, as stated in the 2022 Federation Expenditure Budget.

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