Fonatur proposes strategic projects for Mérida and Cancun associated with the Mayan Train

Cancun QR. The National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) launched the tender for the “Study for the elaboration of a portfolio of strategic real estate, urban, tourist and infrastructure projects for regional development linked to the Mayan Train and its stations, as well as the analysis of the financial structure of said portfolio ”.

The projects are: Mérida Central, Mérida Teya, Cancún 2050, Cancun Airport Terminal, Glamping Project Portfolio (luxury camps) and Hotel Portfolio, which are those that Fonatur identifies as priorities.

One of the most ambitious is the so-called Cancun 2050, which includes the Maya Train terminal at the back of the Cancun airport, a housing and entertainment macro-project, the development of the so-called Cancun Autodrome, a convention center, exhibitions, concerts and the uses of a social nature associated with it.

According to the document, the Mayan Train will include a development zone in the area of ​​influence of the airport’s passenger station and a Cancun charging station.

“In a preliminary way, it is estimated that it may have a surface area of ​​close to 2,000 hectares, since undertakings in the planning and / or development phase will be incorporated by private investors that are within the area of ​​influence,” the document states.

The call for tenders states that the study must consider three approaches: real estate business, financial investment and benefits in terms of social profitability.

According to the call, the study will analyze the tourist market focused on glamping or quality lodging services with low environmental impact in accordance with the capacities and regulations for the management of rural or natural spaces defined in the Mayan Train route.

Those interested in participating “should analyze the virtues, strengths, weaknesses and challenges of the main glamping offers in five locations in Mexico and in five destinations in the world, in addition to the fact that five pilot projects will be developed in five locations suggested by Fonatur within of the outline of the Mayan Train so that the study determines the viability ”.

Hotel investments

In the hotel portfolio, the National Tourism Promotion Fund proposes to identify “business opportunities with hotel operators, investors and allies for real estate and hotels”, where the railway and motor transport passenger stations are developed, and independent hotels within the Community Plan associated with the Mayan Train.

Specifically, it is proposed to analyze the business case to develop between 19 and 22 hotels, considering between 1,800 and 2,000 rooms along the Mayan Train route, for which an analysis of the real estate and hotel business to be developed, the definition, in conjunction with Fonatur, from markets with greater potential and development areas.

Metropolitan area

The call specifies that the capital of Yucatán is currently experiencing a phenomenon of growth towards the periphery and the central area has begun to depopulate, so an urban project is planned “that meets the characteristics of centrality, densification and that can also reflect benefits social for the population of the city and in particular, for the resident population of the area of ​​influence ”of the Mayan Train.

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