Florentino Perezpresident of real Madridconsidered after winning the thirty-fifth League for the white club that it is a title “well deserved and well worked” after which “no one can doubt” that this year Karim Benzema have to win the Golden Ball because, after his great season, “They can’t take it off anymore.”

“Benzema has been good now and since he came but now no one can doubt that they have to give him the Ballon d’Or this year, they can no longer take it away,” he declared after winning his sixth league as president to Movistar’s microphones +.

Asked why he feels on a day like today, he replied that the same as all madridistas, “great satisfaction for a well-deserved and hard-working league” for which the planning of a season has been vital “Which had the objective of winning the League and the Championsand the first one is already won and we’re going to be if we’re capable of winning the Champions League”.

“The decisions are rational and they don’t turn out well or badly. What we have done is conscientiously and thinking about this beautiful moment that we are celebrating,” added Pérez, who avoided answering the question of when could we talk about the signing of the french Kyliam Mbappé and limited himself to saying about it: “when we plan the squad for next year we’ll see.”

Lastly, he praised the work done by Carlo Ancelotti on the bench. “He has many boards when it comes to managing squads and he has done it very well, honestly. The identification with Real Madrid and with its values ​​and what he represents is great”.

Modric: “We hope to repeat on Wednesday”

For his part, Luka Modric He showed his happiness at winning his third league title, the first in front of his fans at the Santiago Bernabéu, thanking them for the atmosphere created with the desire to “repeat Wednesday” against Manchester City.

“It’s incredible, winning the League is always special but it’s the first against our people at the Bernabéu, it tastes even better. It’s a tremendous joy. We played a great game and the atmosphere was spectacular. We hope to repeat it on Wednesday“, he told the white club’s TV.

“The last two leagues we won on the last day, it’s the first time we’ve won five days before it ends and that says a lot. We’ve had a spectacular competition. We have to enjoy it until the end and celebrate it with our people”, he added.

modric showed the desire to go to La Cibeles and celebrate again with the Madrid fans after years without being able to. “A long time without going to Cibeles, since 2018. We really want to go, to celebrate with our people. I thank them for the atmosphere created today and the support throughout the season. The trophy is also theirs”.

Casemiro: “The League is the most difficult”

The Brazilian Carlos Casemiro, Real Madrid midfielder, assured that the achievement of LaLiga It is the result of “work throughout the year, a perfect job” and that it is the “hardest” title to achieve.

“The League is always the most difficult, that’s why we are the biggest, we have 35, it’s not easy to win it, because there are teams that compete and they always want to win it too,” he told Real Madrid television.

I always say that the League is won game by game. To win the League you have to have a squad, that’s the key. Even if you lose a game you can’t give up, you have to keep going, and even if you win you also have to keep going. The great virtue is to add without lowering the arms “, he pointed out.

Marcelo: “Today is the day to celebrate”

The Brazilian Marcelo did not want think about the game against City and assured that it is “a day to celebrate & rdquor; the League title achieved after beating Espanyol 4-0.

“Today is the day to celebrate., but we know we have an important match. But nothing happens if we celebrate well today & rdquor ;, he said after the game on Movistar +.

“An immense joy the truth. We have managed to win the league as soon as possible and that is the job of the whole team. Work, joy, sacrifice… a lot of things & rdquor ;, she valued.

Courtois: “We’ve had a great year

Also very happy was the Belgian Thibaut Courtois, who assured that they had “had a great year” and that they hope to “top it off with the Champions“.

For Courtois, the fact of winning the title four days in advance has “a lot of merit” and confirms that from the beginning they gave “everything to win” and were “very consistent” during the season in which they put up difficult games.

“We have had a great year and we hope to finish it off with the Champions League, to see if we can play another final,” said the Belgian, who assured Movistar that against Manchester City they will have “a tough game” for which they must be prepared.

“It had to be finished today. Everything was prepared, also by friends, family, fans. We knew we couldn’t fail. Espanyol gave us a very tough game at the beginning, but we were calm and after the first goal everything was easier”, he said.

Asensio: “It was a great league”

Marco Asensio highlighted the regularity of Real Madrid to win LaLiga Santander with four games to play, and assured Focusing on the Champions League who still hope to “give joy to the madridistas”.

“It has been a great League, we have been regular and today we have played a great game, with the dedicated fans. We are very happy to continue bringing joy to the madridistas“He stated on Real Madrid television.

Asensio showed the desire of the squad to celebrate the title at La Cibeles. “We really want to celebrate with our fanswe couldn’t celebrate the last league with them and we really want to celebrate a very special title with the Real Madrid fans”.

For its part, the French Eduardo Camavinga he celebrated his first League with the Madrid team. “It’s my first LaLiga with Real Madrid and it’s the result of all the season’s work. We’re very happy with today’s victory and for winning the LaLiga so well”.

“My message to all the madridistas is that we are very happy with the victory, which is for the fans and we look forward to seeing them together in the next game against City. Beforehand we have to enjoy the league a lot”, he added

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Lucas Vázquez highlighted Real Madrid’s firmness in the competition. “We have been a very regular team since the beginning of the League. We have been very solid, the team has known how to overcome the difficult moments that always appear in the season. I am very happy for the title”.

“We have been a great champion, beating all the teams in the upper zone gives you confidence, it gives you the feeling of being a champion team.”

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