Five milestones in Toni Miró’s career

The Catalan creator, the undisputed fashion icon of Barcelona of design in the 1990s, leaves five milestones behind in a career that has been particularly creative in men’s fashion – so much so that women’s fashion has always had an elegant and strictly masculine touch.

With Pep Guardiola

In the 90’s, the then Barça player Pep Guardiola, who has always been very attentive to the world of fashion – his wife also participated in the world with her own company – became a great friend of the designer and even participated as a model to a Gaudi footbridge.

Seduces John Malkovich

Miró’s dark sobriety seduced the American actor, a symbol par excellence of independent film. Such was the love that Malkovich felt for the designer’s suits that he traveled to Barcelona in particular to order his wardrobe and at one point also acted as a model in one of his fashion shows.

Clothes the Olympic team

In the euphoria of Barcelona 92, Toni Miró, ‘the’ designer par excellence of Barcelona’s modernity, was undeniably responsible for attracting the participants in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games by, yes, more colors (red required) used than I used. . Uniforms became his specialty, before he was in charge of putting on the Mossos d’Esquadra ‘and later he would do it with the employees of Telefónica and those of Port Aventura.

A theater and film

As a designer, he was responsible for the costumes for plays and, a great friend of Bigas Luna, he also attracted Àngel Jové, the shadowy protagonist of Bigas Luna’s film ‘Caniche’.

A suit for eternity

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The Antonio Miró company diversified its activities to the point of designing stationery materials, but nothing as peculiar as the range of suits for men and women suitable to serve as clothing. As a complement, Miró was also the first designer to create coffins, which he equipped with striking colors.

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