Five members of a neo-Nazi small group indicted for a planned attack

Five people belonging to the neo-Nazi movement and suspected of having wanted to prepare a violent action against a Masonic lodge in particular, were indicted, Friday, September 24, for “Criminal terrorist association”, reports a judicial source.

Four were placed in pre-trial detention, the fifth who requested a deferred debate, was provisionally imprisoned pending this debate before the judge of freedoms and detention which will take place on September 30, said the same source.

These five people, aged 23 to 58, belonging to the small group called “Honor and Nation”, had been taken into police custody on Tuesday.

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Three of them were arrested in Nièvre, Charente-Maritime and Hauts-de-Seine. The other two, incarcerated as part of the investigation into the kidnapping in April of little Mia, were taken out of prison to be placed in police custody in this new procedure.

Six investigations linked to ultra-right attacks since 2017

Three other members of the same small group had already been indicted for “Criminal terrorist association” and imprisoned at the beginning of May, suspected of having participated in the preparation of the violent action against a Masonic lodge in particular.

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The people arrested Tuesday are part of the entourage of these three members already indicted, according to a source close to the case. Among them is Sébastien Dudognon, a former head of the National Youth Front in Corrèze.

They are suspected of having wanted to prepare violent action, potentially against a Masonic lodge, but the project did not seem imminent, however. According to a source close to the investigation, they also targeted other unspecified targets such as vaccination centers, personalities, journalists … In this context, the group attempted to manufacture explosives, according to this source.

Since 2017, six investigations related to ultra-right wing attacks have been opened by the anti-terrorism prosecution. One of them, targeting a small group called OAS, has already resulted in the dismissal of six people for correctional purposes. Their trial began Tuesday in Paris.

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