The moment is also special for dads and moms who had been kept away from school due to the pandemic. It is the first time that they meet in person the teacher who has accompanied their child throughout the year. A meeting that was expected on both sides. Thank you, parents for being there. It’s so good to see you again! exclaims the dynamic director of the school, Isabelle Laroche.

Isabelle Laroche, principal of Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire school.

Photo: Radio-Canada / ANDRE VUILLEMIN

This is also important for teachers, not just for children. The better the relationship between teacher and parents, the more communication flows [bien]. »

A quote from Isabelle Laroche, director of Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire school

This parental presence is more than welcome for the little ones. You can see it in the children’s faces: “Is my father going to be there? Is my mother going to come?” It is important for them. It’s part of successbelieves Ms. Laroche.

The return of school trips

Finally, all experience a real end of the school year as it should be with outings to the Granby Zoo, Jouvence or the Village Québécois d’Antan with accompanying parents. The energy is at its peak in the yellow buses. And for good reason! After more than two years of preventive measures imposed by Public Health, everyone can finally celebrate without any distance.

It’s good for everyone! It’s good for morale, rejoices Caroline Vachon, assistant director at Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire school and teacher at Jean-XXIII school. At one point during the year, we felt that there was a lack of enthusiasm, that there was a demotivation because, for both adults and children, there was a lack of social ties.

It’s time to clean up at the end of the school year at Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire school in Sherbrooke.

Photo: Radio-Canada / ANDRE VUILLEMIN

I am especially happy for the 6th graders. They can leave with something that looks like a real end of the year without the mask and the restrictive measures that we had. »

A quote from Caroline Vachon, assistant director at Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire school

There is a kind of fresh wind that has arrived, adds director Isabelle Laroche. We could see the smile of the teachers. Want, don’t want, the mask brings a certain distance for the students while we love children. We like being with them, then keeping that distance, it’s not always natural

Preparing for the next school year

While students are busy tidying up and cleaning up the classroom in a good mood that only the arrival of the summer holidays brings, the school management is already preparing for the start of the new school year. Isabelle Laroche and Caroline Vachon make sure everything is in place. They must still be ready to deal with any eventuality since the specter of the pandemic and the waltz of outbreaks remain present. It is certain that we anticipate in the fall, an increase in cases of COVID-19. On the other hand, we have to learn to live with it, agrees Ms. Laroche. We are hopeful that everything will go back to normal.

The children were proud to present the play they prepared for a good part of the year in front of parents and school children.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The last few years have enabled the school teams to perform feats to continue to properly carry out the educational mission entrusted to them. Ms. Laroche salutes the dedication of her team and emphasizes that this has made it possible to accelerate certain changes that can be maintained in the future when necessary.

We would have liked to go at the technological level at such a speed that we would never have succeeded. In the space of a year, not even, we had to turn around, then find an effective way to join our families, to pass on our school curriculum. Hats off to all teachers! It’s a well-deserved summer!

Finally holidays!

By the start of the school year, teachers and management will be able to stop and take advantage of these long-awaited holidays. Because, as Ms. Laroche says, fatigue has set in over time.

It will do a lot of good for all the troops. Even I took a short vacation a few weeks ago. I was always hyper vigilant on my phone in case something happened. It’s been 2 and a half years that, even on weekends, I check if I don’t have phones from parents who tell me that their child has COVID. I moved to the States, then I had no access to my phone and I was like, “ah, my God! That feels good!”she concludes, laughing.

Children may leave school for the holidays after a busy school year.

Photo: Radio-Canada / ANDRE VUILLEMIN

A few hours before the long summer vacation, it’s time for festivities at Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire school: special snack, inflatable games, big party for graduates with presentation of certificates and souvenir album.

And proof that the restrictions are a thing of the past: it’s a dad DJ who will make the students dance to the sound of his turntable.



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