Final Fantasy Tactics ‘Triangle Strategy’ Coming to Nintendo Switch in March

Triangular strategy, an upcoming strategy RPG from Square Enix, will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.

Revealed during a previous Nintendo Direct as Project triangle strategy, the game is a kind of spiritual successor to Square Enix Final Fantasy Tactics series you use Octopath TravelerImpressive aesthetics.

“In response to the demo poll released in February this year, the game has been adjusted with a focus on items that received a lot of feedback,” Square Enix said during the Direct. “These include adjustments to the difficulty, improvements to on-screen images, camera angle controls, the ability to review previous dialogue, and optimized loading times and game flow.”

The game features a branching narrative centered on Serenoa Wolffort, the heir to one of the world’s great houses. Players will be able to form groups made up of knights, wizards, archers, and more as they progress through the choice-based story.

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