Felipe VI asks to defend the “conquered in rights and freedoms against any threat”

The Rey has asked this Wednesday to defend the Rights, freedoms and coexistence achieved in democracy in the face of any threat that could put those conquests at risk.

Felipe VI has launched that call at the inauguration of the III La Toja-Atlantic Link Forum in the presence, among others, of two former presidents of the Government, Felipe González and Mariano Rajoy, of the first vice president of the Executive, Nadia Calvin; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Manuel Albares; and the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The former Secretary General of the OECD was also present Angel Gurria, to whom the monarch has given the first prize that bears the name of the forum.

Before all of them, he has pointed out that society international is witnessing numerous changes in the order geopolitical global characterized since the beginning of the century by the appearance of new actors, power balances and scenarios “that generate greater uncertainty and greater difficulty in governance at all levels.”

“Thats why he isolationism is not a good option, “he added before specifying that the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences have caused many of these transformations to take place with more intensity.

In this context, he has indicated that analysts warn that “currently there is a erosion of multilateralism, the return of the trends protectionists, the power of disinformation techniques, the volatility of the international order or the decline of traditional values ​​”.

Faced with all this, he has considered that it is when more must be done “to defend freedom and the values ​​that have allowed democracy” and more must be done in the construction of open societies.

“What has been achieved in rights and freedoms, in security, in coexistence and in opportunities, must prevail against any threat that could put at risk what has cost so much to achieve. We cannot allow – he added – that an accidental or conjunctural perception of those conquests. “

A reflection after which he concluded: “We are all part of it and we have a lot to do to get ahead.”

For the king, the new times require a strengthened and more effective multilateral approach, an approach to which he believes that the strengthening of the Atlantic link is essential.

That reference has led him to remember the celebration in 2022 in Madrid from the top of the OTAN.

He has also referred to the relationship with America Latina to point out that both Spain and Portugal must be “proactive” for a dialogue that supports and consolidates democratic institutions and open societies.

Felipe VI has dedicated a chapter of his speech to the consequences of the pandemic to point out that we are at a time when there are reasons for concern but also for hope that has been linked to the vaccination process.

“Now we can face with more optimism, not without due prudence, the end of the crisis caused by the pandemic (…) The pandemic has hit us unevenly and, therefore, at the moment of recovery, it is necessary be especially sensitive and attentive to those who have had the worst time, “he stressed.

The king took advantage of his intervention to congratulate Gurría for the distinction he has received and to praise his work in favor of a more just and equitable international community.


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