• The popular leader celebrates the restoration of Ayuso’s honor after the case of the masks was filed and defends that “his management during the pandemic should not have been questioned”

The leader of PP, Alberto Nunez Feijoohas accused this Friday the chief executive, Pedro Sanchezof “breaking the bridges” to negotiate the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) with the “unilateral” reform that has been announced to “control” the constitutional Court.

This has been pronounced after learning that the PSOE is going to register today in the Congress of Deputies a bill that will be processed urgently so that the CGPJ, which has been in office since December 2018, can return to propose two magistrates for the renewal of the TC.

In an interview on Telecinco, Feijóo has said that his party found out through the media that the Government is preparing this legal reform to “restore” the powers of the CGPJ that it took away a few months ago.

As he has said,left him without powers” and now, as “he is interested in modifying the TC” to fill the vacancies, “replaces part of the powers that he had stolen.” “After what we have seen with the CNI, with the State Attorney General’s Office or with the CIS, this is beginning to be a non-specific, non-structural concern”, he proclaimed.

For this reason, he has charged harshly against the Government because what he seeks is to “control” the TC and has accused him of “breaking any type of bridge” with his party to negotiate the CGPJ. In his opinion, “it seems that the government’s objective is not to negotiate anything with the PP.”

The PSOE appeals to “responsibility”

The spokesman for the Socialist Group in Congress, Hector Gomezhas appealed this Friday to the “responsibility” of the parliamentary groups in the Chamber to support the bill and has said that hopes to have the greatest possible support for this new express reform so that it is in force in the month of July to be able to renew as soon as possible the two magistrates that correspond to elect the body of judges in parallel to the two that the Executive has to designate. The term of the four ended on June 19.

“It is an exercise of responsibility to put the TC into operation as soon as possible”, stressed Gómez, who has justified this decision faced with “the impossibility of reaching an agreement with the PP”, who has made ugly again that he refuses to “abide by the constitutional mandate” and renew the CGPJ.

For this reason, he has summoned him again, “once and for all”, to negotiate the renewal of a body that has been in office for three years. “They know that it has to be done under the law that is in force and that it is a responsibility and an obligation for the proper functioning of the Judiciary,” he said.

You cannot wait for the PP ‘sine die’

Gómez does not believe that this pact can move further away with the decision of the PSOE to change the precept of a law that was reformed in March 2021, precisely to prevent an expired CGPJ from appointing judges. The article that is going to be retouched again is 570 bis of the Organic Law of the Judiciary, now to allow the CGPJ to exclusively appoint the two members of the TC that correspond to it.

“Quite the contrary”, Gómez responded to the question of whether resorting to a new express reform of the law can lead the PP to entrench itself even more in its position. “What we want is to normalize the functioning of the TC”, he said, emphasizing that supporting this new modification is an “exercise of maximum responsibility” and that one cannot be “waiting ‘sine die'” for the PP to have “will “that the courts function properly.

Feijóo supports Ayuso

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has celebrated that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has filed the investigation against the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusofor a purchase of masks from which his brother benefited because his honorability is restored, which, in his opinion, “should never have been questioned.”

“The truth wins (…) I was convinced that a regional president has no responsibilities in terms of purchasing supplies in hospitals, I was convinced, because of the contractual dynamics and the procedures that have to be approved,” Feijoó explained in Telecinco.

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And he has shown his joy because honorability is restored of a “person who has been attacked by the left” and who, having not committed “any irregularity” “does not have to be suffering an unnecessary ordeal”.

When asked about the previous leadership of his party, he limited himself to stating that Ayuso was treated in a way that he did not share and that the honorability of the Madrid president “should never have been questioned”.

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