Federal prosecutors ask for prison for all participants in the assault on the Capitol

POLITICS. Founder of Oath Keepers is indicated to know the plans of the assault on the Capitol / EFE

This Friday, federal prosecutors behind the cases of the robbers of the Capitol, requested jail for all participants of the mob that entered the government building illegally on January 6, including those accused of committing minor crimes.

The context: Prosecutors said that except for one case, it should avoid a sentence of probation for those involved given the magnitude of their actions. To date, more than 600 people have been accused of participating in the raid.

  • Assistant District Attorney Kevin Birney only mediated for Valerie Ehrke, who, according to the police report, was less than a minute on Capitol Hill after being admitted and collaborated from the beginning with authorities.
  • The rest, according to a memo from prosecutors, should receive prison sentences.

What do they say?: “The infractions of the Capitol for misdemeanors on January 6, 2021 were not misdemeanors,” said Birney, who is part of the group of specialists who await prompt resolutions.

  • The longest sentence to date was received by Paul Hodgkins, who faces an eight-month prison sentence.
  • The first defendant, Anna Morgan Lloyd, received 36 months of misdemeanor probation.

Main source of the news: POLITICO


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