According to information obtained by Radio-Canada, a few federal Liberal MPs will participate in the demonstration against Bill 96 on Saturday, illustrating a more widespread opposition to the project within their caucus in Ottawa. Protesters plan to gather at Dawson College and march to the offices of Quebec Premier Francois Legault.

Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia, who represents a riding on the West Island of Montreal, voiced his opposition to the bill in an interview Friday. He added that he is quite possible that he participates in the demonstration on Saturday.

It is not a bill that has consensus. The Patronage Council has many concerns about the impacts. Personally, what I want is a Quebec that is strong, that can move forward, that has a strong economydid he declare.

The Federal Liberal MP for Brossard-St-Lambert, Alexandra Mendès, cannot be present at the demonstration, but adds that she supports the essentials of the demands made by the Anglo-Quebec community and the allophone communities.

Other federal Liberal MPs are expected at the demonstration on Saturday, including Laval MP Annie Koutrakis who will be there in support of his communityaccording to a spokeswoman.

The MP for Mount Royal, Anthony Housefather worked closely with the organizers of the event and it is certain that he will participate, according to his office.

According to Liberal sources, however, Quebec ministers in Ottawa do not intend to interfere in the public debate on the bill.

Ottawa is preparing to use a strategy similar to the one that was put in place in the case of Quebec’s law on the secularism of the state, by expressing its reservations about the bill and by leaving the affected groups the responsibility to challenge the law.

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Quebec claims to take its historical responsibilities

The minister responsible for the French language in Quebec, Simon Jolin-Barrette, vigorously defended his bill in the face of criticism from Anglophone groups and Indigenous communities.

His office affirms that the defense of the French language is a file which must above all be carried out in Quebec.

The protection, enhancement and promotion of the French language are historic responsibilities of the Government of Quebec that we fully intend to continue to fully assume. It is up to the elected representatives of the Quebec nation to debate Bill 96 on the common and official language of Quebec, French.says its press officer Élisabeth Gosselin-Bienvenue.

The Quebec Minister of Justice, and Minister responsible for the French Language, Simon Jolin-Barrette.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Tabled a year ago, Bill 96 aims to make several changes to the Charter of the French language of 1977, by strengthening the status of French in all spheres of society.

In order to ensure that French is the official and common language of Quebecthe government would impose new francization obligations on businesses with 25 to 49 employees, control access to college studies in English, and regulate interactions in a language other than French between the Quebec government and Quebec citizens and businesses. Quebec.

Open letter under construction

According to our information, MP Housefather is preparing an open letter against Bill 96 which will be published after the National Assembly passes the law. The National Assembly will resume sitting on May 24 after a break next week.

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Mr. Housefather had criticized several elements of Bill 96 last year, including the fact that it restricts access to government services in English.

This change would affect immigrants from the United States or other English-speaking countries, and even Holocaust survivors, now in their 90s and who have been part of the English-speaking community since arriving in the country more than 70 years ago.he said during a debate on a Bloc Québécois motion in support of the bill.

He had also criticized the fact that the bill uses the notwithstanding clause, which limits the possibilities of legal challenge of the law after its passage.

Even if we have to accept that the notwithstanding clause is part of the Charter, it can be invoked, but should only be invoked on very rare occasions, following a court judgment and not as a preventive measure. It is deeply troubling to prematurely shield a bill from potential legal challenges. »

A quote from Anthony Housefather, Federal Liberal MP for Mount Royal.
Sophie Chatel poses with Parliament in the distance, in Ottawa.

Sophie Chatel, Liberal MP for Pontiac in the House of Commons

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jacques Corriveau

The Liberal MP for Pontiac, a riding that includes a large English-speaking community in western Quebec, says the federal government is also in the process of modernizing the country’s language laws.

We have a responsibility to protect and promote French in Quebec and outside Quebec, while protecting the rights of English-speaking Quebecers and Francophones outside Quebec.says Sophie Chatel by email.

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