Fatally hit by a snowplow: the most probable accident hypothesis

The hypothesis surrounding the accident that occurred in Chicoutimi on Friday, and which cost the life of a young mother after being hit by a snowplow would likely be that of a “sad and tragic” accident, according to the Saguenay Police Department.

Marie-Jo Morais, the 32-year-old victim, was walking with her spouse, Maxime Duperré, when she was hit by a snowplow on Saint-Paul Boulevard. The snow plow never stopped and he was declared dead at the hospital.

The Saguenay Police Department finally identified the driver of the snowplow, as well as his vehicle.

“The driver recognized himself in the various media that published photos. He had not realized the collision, due to the nature of the vehicle, the sector and several other surrounding factors. The thesis of the accident is highly regarded, ”says Hervé Berghella, spokesperson for the police department.

However, he indicates that the investigation is still ongoing, since there are still video images of businesses surrounding the scene of the accident that had not yet been seen. This is due to the fact that these businesses were closed.

“There are still managers [de commerces] to meet, but everything points to the tragic and sad accident”, ends the spokesperson.

The victim was the mother of two young girls aged 8 and 10. This tragedy adds to another experienced seven years ago, when the father of the two young girls died in a fishing accident.


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