‘Fact-Checking’ to the latest beauty viral: For and against using ice on the face

Explained Paul Newman, one of the most handsome actors Hollywood has given, that his trick to look a decade younger was to soak his face for two or three minutes in ice water every morning. Something similar has counted Victoria Beckham that leaves your skin radiant. She was advised by the famous facialist Melanie Grant. Soaking your face in frozen water or rolling ice over your complexion is the exSpice Girl’s quickest solution to looking great after a trip or a glass of wine. The runway makeup artist and YouTube star Lisa Eldridge It also ensures that extreme cold works wonders for models with ‘jet lag’ and that a little ice on the palate kills the redness of the cheeks, since there are the receptors of the blood vessels of the face.

Apply ice to facial skin has flooded the ‘feeds’ of Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Since a few months ago a video of Irina Shayk explaining that in his beauty routine in the mornings there is no lack of ‘frozen’ moment with the ‘Ice Ball’ (Nicole Caroline’s tool which costs about 26 euros), to “wake up your face” and give it luminosity – “Trust me, it works!” British ‘Vogue’-, the tendencia ‘beauty’ of the moment it has only grown and viralized. And there are thousands of users who share videos passing that junk on their faces or other similar devices born with the same purpose, such as Contour Cube (€ 23.95). Some believers even apply the slippery ice cubes straight out of the freezer.

But does this homemade hack really work? Does ice, especially when mixed with green tea, aloe vera, caffeine or milk, really improve circulation, minimize pores, calm redness or give the skin a clear and radiant patina?

At the Style Club we asked two experts to cast light on the último ‘drama beauty’ in the networks. And, attention, ‘spoilers’, it’s not all wonderful in the world of iced facial care., as they warn Stephanie White, a pharmacist specialized in dermocosmetics and founder of the firm Blanc Supplements, and Virginia Sánchez, medical director and dermatologist of Dorsia.

“The application of localized cold for a limited time, and being the appropriate application measures, can improve the luminosity”, assures the specialist in dermocosmetics Estefanía Blanco. The ‘healthy glow’ effect would be a consequence of the improvement of blood circulation in the area.

It is an urban legend that extreme cold acts on the pores, closing or minimizing them. As Blanco explains, “the pores do not close, they are part of the normal structure of the skin and they do not close with the application of cold or any other cosmetic treatment”

According to the dermatologist Sánchez, the application of ice “can help reduce the inflammation of the lesions during outbreaks.” While the underlying cause of blemishes and cystic acne is bacteria, a dose of cold can help relieve pain and decrease inflammation by contracting the blood vessels. It is best to alternate the application of ice cubes with a warm compress on the breakouts for about six cycles. This stimulates circulation and the body’s immune system ‘calms down’. For best results, an aspirin can be dissolved in warm water before freezing, as acetylsalicylic acid helps dry out breakouts.


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There is an erroneous belief that you cannot apply face creams after applying cold to your face. But it is not like that, yes you can. The pharmaceutical company Blanco assures us that “we could apply the cosmetic products next, once we have dried the face.” The dermatologist Sánchez estimates that you should wait “20 minutes” after an ice treatment.


“Direct cold application should be limited to a single moment of the day. If we wanted to carry out a decongestant effect your application would make more sense in the morning“says Blanco, founder of the Blanc Supplements brand. The dermatologist Sánchez does not recommend it as a regular treatment.

According to Virginia Sánchez, “the reduction of inflammation is during a Limited time“, not beyond” a few hours. For Estefanía Blanco, it is a natural decongestant for the dark circles area. Without reaching freezing, you can also apply a cotton compress with cold chamomile for a few minutes. Or if not, with some cubes wrapped in gauze you can slide it from the inside angles towards the forehead, in a circular motion. In this way the drainage of excess fluids is favored that give the eyes a tired look. You can also use some iced coffee, as caffeine works against bloating.


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Not at all. “Not recommended for skin sensitive, with a tendency to rosacea or with dermatitis“advises Sánchez, who also does not recommend this treatment to patients with cold urticaria. Blanco, for his part, warns of the consequences on the skins reactive. “This type of skin can be altered by changes in vascularization.”

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“Must avoid direct contact of ice with the skin so as not to cause burns. You can cover the ice with gauze or towel“says Blanco, who advises that treatment should not be prolonged for more than 10 minutes and that it is done with little touches. The dermatologist proposes to use a gauze or cloth and “change places continuously to avoid frostbite.” “It is about cooling the skin, not freezing it. In case of freezing, there would be significant inflammation and redness, and then the burn would appear,” he says.


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