Everyone at the same time, carefully

We have already done “the tour of the great wood” with Édith Butler and Lisa LeBlanc, in the midst of a historic heatwave. Very possibly the record of the year. It was too good to wait any longer, we told ourselves. The point is that the records of the fall have been jostling at the gate all summer: the demos of Mara Tremblay, the sweet discs of Josianne Paradis and Philemon Cimon, the bringue of Salebarbes, the sumptuous Martha Wainwright, of Kanye West, of Lorde, the second event Billie Eilish, without forgetting the anniversary boxAll Things Must Pass of fire George Harrison and the return ofAbba after 40 years.

No risk to take. At the merchants, we took out the Christmas sweets at the end of July, we will soon be on Valentine’s Day. The recording industry, more than scalded, shaken, cracked in its very foundations, is also trying to plug the past and future losses of tours that are still threatened with postponements, cancellations and other withdrawals. Who says successive waves, says erosion. We must save the planet… music.

September overflows

To wear, we respond with new. Go the disks, all valves open. The novelties are flooding. September is overflowing. In the spotlight, country royalty: Paul Daraîche and Renee Martel (Against all odds). More than expected records, announced since the Mesozoic: the third ofEmile bilodeau (Small type), the unpredictable result of the adventures ofHubert Lenoir (I give you the title in thousand: PICTURE OF YOURSELF Direct music), the Great journey disorganized from Patrice Michaud, between which will try to sneak Tristan Malavoy, Chloe Lacasse, Steve Veilleux, The Franklin Electric, There is Lea, Brittany Kennell, Pantomime, Nicola Ciccone and … the ghosts of Men Without Hats.

In addition, in very different registers, a Metallica of times, a Sufjan Stevens with Angelo De Augustine and the indestructible Lindsay Buckingham, among others. Many others. Countless others. We will also have, after months of warning signs, the new Whitehorse. A real reward. Short of breath? Rejoice? Bloodless? Tell yourself that this is an overview, even a preview.

The multiplication of opportunities (and sometimes the surprise)

Each of these outings is the usufruct of upstream work, more and more upstream, and more and more step-by-step. Typical business model: we first had a song, most of the time a surprise release, accompanied by a press release, a clip; a long time later, we get a second song, a second clip; a third… a fourth… Familiar topo? Yes, wave after wave. Oh vertigo, we dare to launch a microalbum of five or six tracks. Or several, well spaced. Then, finally, a couple of light years later, the sun is reached by the brave adventurers of marketing: the dazzling album! We will have deserved it, the new Bilodeau!

In contrast, we are witnessing more and more often the total surprise: a Taylor Swift here, a Billie Eilish there. Overnight, Abba’s first two new titles burst into our previously uneventful lives. A new Beyoncé, a Rihanna, a Red Hot Chili Peppers or (kneeling prayer) would appear out of nowhere a Zombies record that there would be bonfires on the Web.

The cluttered showroom

This is where we are. Not so much choice in the approach, and too much choice in the herd. It is an understatement to say that the sharing of the pie will be, more than ever, unequal. Inevitably unfair. This was true in the days of Oscar Thiffaut and La Poune, you will say (or in the days of the successes of Men Without Hats, depending on your measure of distance), but the bottleneck is shrinking along with the access routes are multiplying. Everyone passes, no one is guaranteed to surrender. A platform is not a destination, rather a crowded showroom. We stumble in the ottomans.

Of course, the essentials will not be circumvented. October will bring back Zaz, we want Zaz. A double disc of Sheila with that ? OfAlexandre Desilets To Good child, d’Anik Jean To Heart of pirate, and so on until the astonishing supergroup with the unpronounceable name – Shrugged ! – combining Jonathan Dauphinais, Dumas and Francis Mineau de Malajube. Neo-grunge, we are told. From our neighbors on the other side of the border forbidden to anyone on a spree, trucks and planes will pass, all full of Coldplay, from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, d’Elton John with a host of guests.

From November, we are already retaining two lighthouses in the shortened days: the new album of our Gilles Vigneault national, titled Like a love song and directed by the very meticulous Jim Corcoran. Yes, it will be beautiful, do you doubt it? Likewise, we have immense confidence in Robert Plant and Alison Krauss together, the time of a stay in the beautiful folk’n’roll house of America. The title is more than appropriate: Raise the Roof. It will be necessary to caulk, after: an avalanche of Christmas albums arrived so quickly.

The Beatles, so be it

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