Establishment of the vegetation fire in Peralada (Girona)

Loose Bombers of the Generalitat trabajan desde la madrugada de este martes en un fire which is a forest area in Peralada (Alt Empordà, Girona) y que ya ha sido stabilized.

A total of 24 endowments Terrestrials are in a state of disarray, and this is not a good idea at all. Las llamas se han expandido por la tramuntana que sopla en la zona, que registra hasta los 80 kilometers per hour.

An intoxicated person

Las chispas se han expandido up to 500 meters away of the principal fugue, which defines the extinction rates and obliges the bombers to disperse some effective new ones when a new focal point is detected.

At least a person has been intoxicated by inhalation of humus: is the owner of a mass of the zone.

The fugue affected the forest of ribera to both lads of Muga River there are campgrounds around it, in addition to an ester school and a cypress zone to which he built the secondary fugues.

Interrupted railway traffic

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According to the first hypothesis, the fire started in a zone close to 43.5 kilometers. carriage C-252, has given the effects of emergencies he translated around the 1.30 hours.

Los Bombers han pedido a los Mossos d’Esquadra que shorten the traffic on the N-260 block, he asked Adif to interrupt the electrician’s superintendent in the zone catenary. This service obliged Renfe to organize a transport by carriage for the people traveling on the R-11 between Figueres and Portbou.

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