Espai Barça. This is how you can vote electronically in the referendum

On December 19 the FC Barcelona partners will have the opportunity to ratify in referendum the financing of 1,500 million maximum to finish building the Barça space, whose main work is the reform of the Camp Nou. For the first time, members will have the option of voting electronically, although those who prefer it will be able to approach the Stadium and vote in person. This is how electronic voting will work, which will be carried out through a platform with Indra technology.

1) The partners must fulfill a series of previous requirements before December 7 in the web First of all, update and verify the personal data contained in the club, such as email, telephone, membership code that appears on the card, personal pin code and date of birth. These last three pieces of information will be required on the voting day of December 19.

2) In the member authentication process, each one will receive a 6-digit code through an SMS message on their mobile.

3) The system, as emphasized by the club, prevents the duplication of the vote and guarantees that the vote is secret.

4) The only information available throughout the day will be the percentage of participation.

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5) A Board of Consultation will be composed of five members. On the 19th, 5 secret keys will be configured, one for each of the five members, keys that will be guarded by a notary throughout the process.

6) Once the voting process is finished and the consultation closed, to access the results, each of the 5 members of the Consultation Board must enter their code fragment and start the computerized vote counting process. As reported by the club, the system allows 10,000 votes per minute to be counted, so that the result can be known within a quarter of an hour after the closing of the suffrage.

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