ERC redoubles the siege on Margarita Robles for the ‘Catalangate’

  • The Republicans demand the head of the Minister of Defense also for her perceptions of how far a State can go in its self-defense

The Republicans will request this week in Parliament that the Government assume “political responsibilities”, once and for all and this happens, according to ERC, by the resignation “at least” of the Defense Minister, Margaret Oaks. The ERC spokesperson, Martha Villalta, has detailed that it is not just “taking the blame for what has been done or for what has not been done, but also for what she has said”, in reference to the minister’s words in Congress in which she justified certain actions due to the need of a State to defend itself against certain threats. “To say that, the ‘little happens to them’ [a los independentistas] unacceptable,” said spokeswoman

Since the figure of the director of the CNI, Peace Stephen, is on the tightrope, especially as a result of it being known, that the mobiles of both Pedro Sanchez as well as Robles herself had been ‘infected’. the republicans are already focused on achieving a political counterpart “a major scandal that, in any other country of the European Union, would have already led to a string of resignations,” Vilalta pointed out. “Rights have been violated, someone has to assume those responsibilities, while the investigation and explanations are carried to the end,” she said.

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The Republicans consider that the fact that after three weeks the Executive still has not moved a finger, at least to take responsibility for political espionage, is a sign that the Spanish State is willing “to destroy democracy in defense of the unity of Spain. They don’t care about violating rights, whoever they are.”

The also deputy general secretary of the ERC reiterated the advisability, according to the Republicans, of holding a conclave between Sánchez and Aragonès, provided that “it is a meeting with information and transparency, not just a mere formal act to take a picture,” he warned.

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