Enthusiasm, by Emma Riverola

In fact, the most superstitious act is a perfect metaphor for the world in which we live. This is the case of Benidorm Fest, organized by RTVE to select Spain’s Eurovision representation. The mixed voting system: 50% professional law, 25% demoscopic voting and 25% television. Does it matter to you what you are doing in a contest that you want to solve? Pues waiting for the enthusiasm and the disappointment that generated, the ten.

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Four acts were performed on the popular altars: the trio Tanxugueiras y Rigoberta Bandini. Ambas olían a propio, a verdad, a women’s shoes and shoes. With the gallows, the palpitations are felt. With Bandini, homage to the mothers with special complicity. The first won the popular vote. Peru the vote of the jury trastocó the election and won Chanel. Powerful, sexy, very sexy, with many possibilities in Eurovision and very interested in the music industry. Floating in the air, the sensation that the popular vote was a simple debugging game and the imposition of stereotypes and prefabricated cultural crossings. A perfect metaphor & mldr; and very attractive. RTVE gets excited. Habría is a diez, he has no deception.


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