Electricity reform in Mexico worries US companies: Ken Salazar

The United States Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, reported that his country analyzes the electrical reform proposed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and acknowledged that US companies are concerned about the issue.

“We have to see how (the electrical reform) because companies that have invested in renewable energy, with the support of the USA, they have invested more than 1 trillion dollars. Of course they are worried, but I think there is a possibility that it can be resolved, “he declared at a press conference at the official residence.

“We receive the point of view of the companies that have invested in Mexico. We are seeing how the reasons for reform, I think there are possibilities that we can reach a place where there is resolution, “he added.

The diplomat stressed that Mexico requires the investment of American companies, not only in the electric sector, but in other areas.

“We have to ensure that they will have the Energy that is required for the development of the economy here in Mexico, but that development also has to be within the framework that we have in the supply chain“, said.

Ken Salazar reiterated that there is a good relationship between the two administrations and pointed out that in the absence of dialogue and joint work for five years, thanks to the leadership of the president Joe Biden the bilateral approach advances to address issues such as migration, security and drug trafficking.



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