El Pollo Carvajal does not see “interest” in the Government to negotiate an agreement that prevents his extradition

The former head of Hugo Chávez’s secret services, Hugo Carvajal, does not see “any interest” in the Spanish government in negotiating an agreement that prevents his extradition to the United States, where he is accused of collaboration. with the FARC terrorists (to whom he would have provided weapons) to send cocaine shipments.

The attorney for the Venezuelan general, María Dolores de Argüelles, reminded EL ESPAÑOL that Hugo Carvajal has shown his willingness to “collaborate with the Spanish and North American Justice“to clarify the crimes committed by the Government of Venezuela, of which he has evidence for the position he held for a decade (he was director general of military counterintelligence since 2004 a 2014).

However, the lawyer confirms that this offer of collaboration with the Justice, in exchange for reaching an agreement that avoid extradition to the USUntil now, no response has been obtained from either the Spanish Government or the North American institutions.

The judge of the National High Court Manuel García-Castellón, who took a statement from him on the 20th before deciding on the extradition process, is “the only one who has been willing to listen “to Hugo Carvajal, says his lawyer.

Financing of Podemos

Hugo Carvajal’s defense assures that he will deliver in the next few days at the National Court the documents that on the 20th he promised to contribute to the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 5 to collaborate with the Justice.

“Although no formal deadline has been set [por parte del juez]”We are going to try to meet a reasonable deadline” to deliver the documents, Dolores de Argüelles has indicated to EL ESPAÑOL. The lawyer has avoided ruling on the content of this evidence, since the case is under summary secrecy.

However, sources close to Chicken Carvajal indicate that he is willing to deliver to the judge evidence on the payments of the Government of Venezuela to the founders of Podemos and on irregularities in the contracts for the purchase of weapons from Spain, during the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

The former head of Hugo Chávez’s spies also has abundant information about the presence of ETA terrorists in Venezuelan territory, protected by the Chavista regime.

PDVSA payments

After arriving in Spain in March 2019 protected by the National Intelligence Center (CNI), Carvajal already delivered to the team of the then Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) of the Police, Eugenio Pino, documents (which were never prosecuted) on the financing of Podemos.

Among these tests, sources consulted by ESPAÑOL point out, there is an “account point” dated October 2013 in which Hugo Chávez ordered the state oil company PDVSA to pay $ 142,000 to three of the founders of Podemos: Carolina Bescansa, Jorge Lago and Ariel Jerez.

Carvajal also has in his possession abundant documentation on the payments, amounting to more than 7 million euros, that the Government of Venezuela made to the CEPS Foundation, whose board of trustees was part of some of the main founders of Podemos (among them, Pablo Iglesias and Íñigo Errejón).

The Chicken Carvajal disappeared in November 2019, a few hours after the National Court agreed to hand him over to the US Justice. Since then it has remained missing for almost two years. Police sources indicate that he never left Madrid, although he changed his residence three times.

He never left Madrid

The US State Department offered last May a reward of 10 million dollars for any person offering reliable information about the whereabouts of the Chicken Carvajal.

Finally, the telephone calls and money movements made by his wife allowed the American intelligence services to discover his hiding place. The US Drug Enforcement Agency, the DEA, last June sent the Spanish Police a note in which it communicated that the Chicken Carvajal was hidden in an apartment near Calle Arturo Soria in Madrid, with numerous details about his location.

The arrest did not take place, however, until September 9. After testifying before Judge García-Castellón, Hugo Carvajal published a statement on social networks in which he affirms that he is willing to collaborate with Justice, but does not want to be extradited to the US because there he will not have the right to a fair trial.

My information has value if it is channeled correctly. This is how I have handled and guarded everything jealously, “he pointed out in his note, in which he assures that he provided information to the International Criminal Court and the UN Human Rights Commission, which has made it possible to verify the violation of human rights by the current Government of Venezuela. .


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