El Gobierno intensifies contacts to salvage in extremis labor reform

  • Work and the PSOE report on ERC and PNV pressure, now without success, because both formations are not open to their positions

  • The pecan formations, of those that depend on the exit of plan b by what the PSOE does, keep your cards until the last minute

Labor reform follows pending a hilo. Finishes. At 48 hours the plenary of the Congress will discuss and vote the real decree, nothing is clear. It is safe to say that he was reprimanded, although the Governor maintained his optimism. Peru la gran duda a despejar sigue siendo una: with whom. Who supports salvarán the Executive of the quema, who parties the rescatarán of a naufragio que, de consumarse, asestaría un durísimo golpe al bipartito pasado ya el ecuador de la legislatura. All of this, by the way, has more options for the plan than the Socialists and the United Nations. This is a victoria by the minimum with the help of Ciudadanos, PDECat and a constellation of small parties and with the support of ERC and PNV. But the Execution’s pressure on both this and that. The sigu- tions and nadie negotiations, the minority formations of those who can depend the vote of the youth, must be completed in full.

Everything is ventilated, certainly, at the last minute, as corresponding to a vote that all the actors take as crucial and that, if they are rescued by the court, form adversely to how to kill them, may be disqualified a mayor tension in the coalition. The Executive ensures that the contacts are intensified in order to receive one of the votes. In all directions. On the part of Trabajo, pero también del PSOE.

The Second Vice President, Yolanda Díaz, set out to convene an investor societies; The Socialists, too, have been pushing for the abolition of the other parties, and have not reiterated that the Salg reform will continue with the new Cs deputies, although it is up to the Member to ratify his vote by the President of the Presidency, Felix Bolaños has not been produced. The orange formation do not want to negotiate with the Governor, only as a condition for its support that there is no change in the text agreed with employers and unions, which is just what Pedro Sánchez said: that the decree was simply approved by the Congress, without being despised as a project of the .

The Socialists, too, are leading the way in protest against the patronage:

The President no quiere enmiendas ni cambios, because of the fact that the empresses, who had many days in the gate during these months of negotiations, were separated. The PSOE, de hecho, is selling gestures haci ellos. This Monday, Bolaños introduced the CEO’s normative annual plan, Antonio Garamendi, in his seat, and this March the boss of the employer will fly in the plane of Sanchez rumbo to Dubai, in United Arab Emirates, where he hosts the Expo Universal and celebrating Spain’s Day on February 2nd. “Each coma is working. This is what hay “, Garachendi remacheste este lunes.

Floja reform

Bildu sí est est fuera de la ecuación, pero el Gobierno se resiste a perder a ERC y PNV. No obstante, sigue sin haber advances. The Executive insists that Republicans have “difficult” explanations for their opposition, since their social base is made up of sympathizers and affiliates of CCOO and UGT, who have agreed to support the text as it stands.

Republicans claim that they are introducing cambios in the text and, as “guarantees”, enacting companies for the three parties and that they are published before the Jews

The ERC is willing to negotiate the text. And, on top of that, the governing body of the Gobierno veto negotiated. Because one thing is that the reform of Diaz sea “floja& rdquor ;, that according to the Republicans it is, y, the other, is that “what is done in a meeting with the CEO can not move in the manner of popular sovereignty, precisely, in order not to molest the patron & rdquor ;. “The first thing that is missing is content. There are no references to the training salaries and subcontracting. The steps also include a concrete editorial that will affect the collective bargaining in Catalonia and for the eres, we will plant the recovery of the administrative authorization, without informing the Inspectorate of Social Security Work ” which itself defends the treatment as a project of law and, as “guarantees”, envisages “edits and companies by the three parties and which are published before the vote”.

Moreover, the ERC contradicts that mayor of dezquierdas that I support Sanchez to think that entering “by the press& rdquor; of the pact established between trade unions, empresarios and Gobierno.

If no negotiation is taking place, regarding the aspects that the ERC wants to “improve & rdquor ;, the Republicans will vote no. The contacts with Continuous Work, for example the PSOE has announced that it will not accept any change in the labor market, even if it is done by the decree issued sometime in the agreement, which does not link the patronage of employers and unions.

Distinguished presses

We also have contacts with the PSOE. It passed January 24, and as advance ‘El País’, Ministers Félix Bolaños and María Jesús Montero, plus the Socialist number, Adriana Lastra, and the speaker at the Congress, Héctor Gómez, met telematically with the ERC delegation, chaired by Marta Vilalta, Gabriel Rufián and Josep Maria Jové. No advances on reform.

CC, NC and PRC are on the same page as Teruel Existe. Pero PDECat, Más País, Compromís y UPN mantienen el suspense todavía

The negotiation with ERC, aseguran en Trabajo, if “wait until the end”. “If agotarán todas las vías”, insisten. The same applies to the PNV, which requires presentation of autonomous agreements. This Monday, the President of the EBB, Andoni Ortuzar, meet with the union representatives of ELA, LAB and ESK, central critics with the reform, and they also ratified the condition that impressed the Government.

If ERC and PNV do not move, the PSOE and the United States will push to break a wall in the Congress of 173 with, at least, 174 days and two abstentions. Coalition of Canaria (1), New Canarias (1), Regional Party of Cantabria (1) is there, as Teruel Existe (1), who confirmed this month by night in response. Without embargo, formations like the PDECat (four deputies), Más País (2), Compromise (1) o UPN (2) mantienen el suspense y se debaten entre el sí y la abstención. Various actions are taken by the marketers to take a decision, depending on how fluent the conversations are, in the case of the Naval Foreclosures, which will incline the balance of the Executive, indicating the strengths of the formation.

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The PSOE continues apelando a todos los grupos “He is now the newcomer of the executive, Felipe Sicilia, of Ferraz, and also Bolaños.”to compete with Yolanda for the electorate in Catalonia “and on the PNV”the pressure of ELA and LAB“.

The party continues, as long as the assets are guaranteed by now. Hasta el ultimo aliento.


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