“El Bronco” will remain hospitalized tonight; is stable: Alma Rosa Marroquín

Monterey, NL. The Secretary of Health of Nuevo León, Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla, assured that former Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón is stable, that he has a previously detected diverticular disease, as well as a herniated disc, and will at least remain in the hospital. University Hospital until Wednesday, because it requires more studies.

“In relation to the state of health of engineer Jaime Rodríguez, tell you that he is stable. He was admitted last Sunday, May 1, to the University Hospital, which is a third-level hospital and has practically all the specialties and subspecialties that a patient may require, ”said the official.

He explained that the former governor underwent a CT scan that shows diverticular disease, “those diverticula can occasionally become infected and this is what the engineer presented, however, in his laboratory tests he does not show data of a significant infection, he is being given antibiotic treatment.

They also performed an MRI to verify the herniated disc and an electromyography (graphic recording technique of the electrical activity produced by the muscles and nerves) and will treat him.

The endoscopy requested by her family doctor has been postponed because her intestine is inflamed and the study could injure the esophagus or the colon, said the head of the state Health Secretariat.

lawyer differs

The lawyer Gabriel García, who is part of the defense of former Governor Jaime Rodríguez, said: “I see him the same as yesterday, he is weak, he is heavily medicated. They are trying to lower a gastrointestinal inflammation, and then proceed to do a series of studies.

On whether his health condition prevents him from being in prison, the lawyer told the newspaper El Norte, that is why the defense requested it since he was transferred to the Metropolitan Hospital, on April 9, “that is why we requested the weekend to a judge (of control) the urgent transfer to a private hospital of third level”.

On April 30, Judge José Antonio Almaguer Garza ordered that the former governor be immediately transferred to the Doctors Hospital, however, the resolution was not complied with and he was taken to the University Hospital, more than 14 hours after the request, indicates a statement from the defense of Jaime Rodríguez.


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