EIFF Review: Holy Frit

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Italian glass master Narcissus Quagliata invented a glass melting technique – frits are the pieces of glass used to achieve this – and it was an essential part of Carey’s proposal. Now on the clock, Quagliata, 71, agrees to help Carey and Judson Studios, but comes with his own artistic quirks.

At one point in the film, Quagliata states, “No one will ever be the same after this is over,” and personal changes are a fascinating study of human nature, especially when they are overextended and under pressure.

More than the result, the journey here is at the heart of what makes Holy Frit so enjoyable.

Holy Frit, selected as Best International Film (Documentary) by the EIFF jury, closes the festival in 2021. Director Justin Monroe will be in Edmonton for the screening on Saturday with a question and answer session to follow.

Fried holy

4. 5 stars out of 5

director Justin monroe

Demonstration Landmark Cinemas 9 City Center on Saturday at 6:30 pm (followed by Q&A) and Sunday at 1:30 pm


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