Edomex presents the Tax Calculator for the Emission of Pollutants into the Atmosphere

With the aim of promoting compliance with the new tax regulations and supporting the migration of economic activities to the use of clean energiesthe Ministry of Finance of the State of Mexico and the Council of Chambers and Business Associations of the entity (Concaem) presented on Wednesday the Tax Calculator for the Emission of Pollutants into the Atmosphere.

During the presentation of this new instrument, the president of the concaemGilberto Sauza Martínez, explained that this tool allows an exact calculation to be made of the obligations to which companies that generate emissions of three polluting gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) are responsible.

Precisely, he detailed, the new payment is calculated on 43 pesos per tons of CO2.

“Currently, in the country there are four taxes that are applied with respect to polluting emissions at the national level: extraction of stone materials, deposit or storage of solid waste, contaminants to the soil and subsoil, and emission of gases into the atmosphere. In the State of Mexico, only the latter is applied,” he said.

The Undersecretary of Revenue of the State of Mexico, Arturo Lozano Enríquez, indicated that the tax is applied with the objective of encouraging the improvement of air quality.

“The calculator works through the capture of data regarding the type of process or productive activity that is carried out, establishes if the emissions are direct or indirect, the type of industry and fuel that is consumed, as well as the monthly amount, with which the number of tons and the payment that must be made is determined,” he said.

doubts arise

In the meeting between the businessmen and the Mexican authorities, Sauza Martínez pointed out that several points need to be clarified regarding the collection of this new tax in the entity, for example, its expense and the provisions to make it deductible must be made transparent.

“The authority demands much more from the industries. The reviews and control measures are located in the industry, so our request is that the true benefit of this obligation be clear to us, that it be applied with absolute transparency and above all, that we be part of the decision on how the amount raised,” he said.

Sauza Martínez ratified “the will of the business sector to comply with the regulations that aim to improve environmental conditions and generate better living conditions for the entire population of the center of the country.”


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