Derived from the fact that the capital of the country must already have a General Program of Territorial Ordering, the Mexico state is supporting the city in the elaboration of the Metropolitan Chapter, informed the general director of Urban Planning of the Secretariat of Urban Development and Work of the Mexican entity, Nina Carolina Izábal Martínez.

This Monday, the state official announced that in Toluca A meeting was held with the head of the Institute for Democratic and Prospective Planning of Mexico City, Pablo Tomás Benlliure Bilbao.

He explained that the meeting discussed what are the common challenges that both entities have and the areas of opportunity; every time, to fulfill a common objective, to strengthen the right of the city.

Nina Carolina assured that this subnational coordination work is also due to the fact that the Mexico state It already has experience in preparing its State Plan for Urban Development.

“The State Plan for Urban Development of the State of Mexico was published on December 23, 2019 in the Official Newspaper Government Gazette, in this document metropolitan territorial planning strategies are developed, whose formation process can pay in the design of the capital text , as a first approach to the harmonization of regulations between these entities, which are part of the largest metropolitan area in the country”, he said.

He announced that in the elaboration they contemplate including metropolitan projects that cover the following axes: water, transport, environment, mobility and housing.

“Considered in a coordinated manner, they contribute to metropolitan governance, an instrument that strengthens the social fabric of the population that lives and coexists in the Mexico state and Mexico City”, he stressed.

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The General Program of Territorial Planning of Mexico City is an instrument that will regulate the transformation of the city and will strengthen the social function for its sustainable development.

Its objective is to operate alongside the new General Development Plan of the Mexico Citywhich will also define long-term policies in the social, economic, environmental and territorial spheres.

The two instruments will be in charge of the rational use of the territory of the city and its resources, with the purpose of creating and preserving a sustainable habitat, suitable for the people who inhabit the city, for future generations and in general, for all living beings.

As topics that you will see, it highlights the environment, sustainable water management, soil regulation, rural development and urban agriculture, housing, physical infrastructure, technological infrastructure, public space and social coexistence, mobility and accessibility, vulnerability, resilience, prevention and mitigation of risks.

“This instrument must contain the general rules, tools and instruments for the occupation and use of land in all its dimensions, as well as establish the principles and instruments associated with sustainable development on conservation land, equitable and efficient use of urban land. and the strategic areas to guarantee the viability of environmental services”, reads the document Project of the General Program of Territorial Ordering of Mexico City of the Government of Mexico City.


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