Edmonton Catholic Schools Trustee Carla Smiley resigns

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Edmonton Catholic School Board Trustee Carla Smiley has resigned.

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During a meeting of the organizing board on Wednesday afternoon, the board of trustees acknowledged Smiley’s resignation, effective immediately.

In the recent municipal elections, Smiley ran unopposed for reelection in District 73. She was first elected as a Catholic trustee in 2017.

“As the Board of Trustees, we are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the voices of those who elect us are represented at the governing table,” said Edmonton Catholic Schools Board Chair Sandra Palazzo in a statement.

“We are chosen people with diverse perspectives who come together, in a democratic process, with the common goal of representing those voices in supporting our students as they participate in an excellent publicly funded Catholic education.”

Palazzo said the board’s next steps will be to explore all available options to ensure District 73 residents are represented at the table and will provide an additional update once a course of action is determined.

“We are committed to continuing to move positively and proactively to ensure the needs of our students, staff and families are met,” Palazzo said. “The Board wishes Ms. Smiley the best in her future endeavors.”


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