Editorial | Responsible agreement for labor reform

The laborious agreement reached by the Government, the unions and the employers to correct some of the most damaging aspects of the labor reform made by PP in 2012 is a good example of the extent to which the political will to compromise and the sense of responsibility of the social agents to achieve them can overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles. Nine months of negotiations not without tension, within the Government and between it and its interlocutors, will allow the improvement or cancellation of the most criticized of the changes introduced by the Government of Mariano Rajoy in the labor legislation, especially the abusive recourse to temporary employment, and, at the same time, keep in force requirements that They have been proven effective in job creation. It can be said that all have known how to make a virtue of necessity.

None of the parties involved in the negotiation can leave completely satisfied with what has been achieved, but neither can anyone feel disappointed with what has been achieved. As in any negotiation, and this has been especially complex, what ultimately counts is the desire to reach an agreement and the willingness to make concessions, to give in. Both things have prevailed over other considerations despite the different approaches to the revision of the labor reform, both within the Government and in the union environment and in that of the employers. The bottom line is that the reform of the PP is not revoked, But this has been substantially modified from the agreement to which the Government will give its final form on Tuesday.

As the din of political bitterness rages, it is necessary to emphasize in a special way the flexibility of the parties to find a balanced meeting point acceptable to all. The episode may not have the category of historical event that Yolanda Díaz has awarded him, but it is, of course, something that is outside the norm that those involved have not risen from the table until they agree, which is as much as saying that everyone agrees to comply with the agreed terms .

The agreement also has the virtue of complying with the requirements of the European Union. Against those who accuse Brussels of meddling In the internal affairs of its partners, the truth is that what is established now in a progressive sense and of social commitment adjusts to their demands, and nothing suggests that it conflicts with the requirements that the Twenty-seven in the next years to overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic, whose first step has been the Next Generation program. The preachers of popular populism may present the three-way pact as an imposition, but it is frankly unlikely that anyone could believe that what was achieved was anything more than the responsibility of the negotiators.


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