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He thinks of the past, Eddie Murphy has tears in his eyes. Those moments come back to him, in the 1980s, when everything seemed possible to him, when he wanted everything, right away, and got it even faster. He had been a stand-up star out of his teens, of television at 19, of movies at 21. He was sure this rise would never stop. His aura and his insolence gave him a sweet feeling of eternity. Today, at almost 60 years old – he will be celebrating them on April 3 – things seem cutesy, disappointing, ordinary to him.

When he puts strange futuristic-designed glasses on his nose to see you better, via his computer screen, the actor runs his hand over his head. She slips less than she slips, as the front of her head is bald. The gesture pains him, he who, a teenager when he was preparing his future shows, spent hours on his hairstyle. He was so proud of the volume of his hair, that it equalized, like a high precision instrument.

Photo of Eddie Murphy from the cover of his 1985 single

He knew it: since his debut in theaters in Brooklyn where he took the stage after skipping school, Eddie Murphy struck as much by his comic talent as by his sensuality. He turned out to be immensely funny and infinitely desirable, and his hairstyle synthesized these two virtues. ” Non, he said, passing his hand over his head, it’s not quite the same anymore. It was so long ago. “

Several characters at the same time

He has never left the public eye – notably thanks to the countless television broadcasts of his films – has always been able to shoot. But he knows that everyone is watching him with, in mind, what he was: the flagship actor of the 1980s, this strange idol who summed up all the complexity of the decade, his charm and his exuberance. And that he has ceased to be.

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Today, he is enjoying another sensational lap, a reminder of what he was. His new film, A prince in New York 2 (airing from March 5 on Prime Video, Amazon’s platform), is eagerly awaited. It has been decades since he attracted so much attention. Everywhere, newspapers are asking to speak to him – there have been, within the framework of the promotion of the film, more than 4000 requests for interviews in the world. The luster of yesteryear, as if found, comforts him.

The film is the sequel toA prince in New York (1988) by John Landis, one of his biggest hits, in which he played the son of an African monarch who came to Queens to find a wife. The actor resumes his character, who returns to New York, this time in search of a son.

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