Guanajuato, Gto. Despite the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic is not over and that new economic challenges have been generated, Guanajuato is already in a recovery stage, which has been driven by the detonation of its logistics and export vocations, assured the governor of the entity, Diego Sinhue Rodriguez Vallejo.

During the presentation of his fourth government report, the state president explained that in 2021 he continued to give continuity to the six axes with which he began his administration: security and social peace; human and social development: quality education; economy for all; orderly and sustainable development; as well as humane and effective government.

In this sense, he stressed that because the health contingency continued and that the total recovery in economic matters continued as a pending task, as a subnational authority they focused throughout 2021 on the axis of economy for all.

For this, he deepened, economic public policies were focused on sectors such as construction, manufacturing production, agribusiness, exports and attraction of investments in mental manufacturing.

As a result of these axes, the Governor said that the entity had an economic growth higher than 2020 (increased 7.2%, compared to the first three quarters of 2020).

According to the Quarterly Index of State Economic Activity, the primary sector grew 4.6%, the secondary sector 10.1% and the tertiary sector 5.7 percent.

At the same time, the value of the economy of Guanajuato closed 2021 with a value of more than 44,000 million dollars, which places it as the sixth largest economy in Mexico.

In addition, the fourth national place in manufacturing production value was consolidated, with a growth of 13.3% (highlights the growth in production of the plastic and rubber, metalworking, leather-footwear, electrical appliances, food and automotive sectors).

From the Guanajuato Convention Center, the leader of the local Executive pointed out that the entity, from January to September last year, ranked first in exports as a non-border state, with operations exceeding 20,000 million dollars. (a figure that is 21% higher than that registered in the same period of 2020 and the increases in automotive, food, metal mechanics and chemicals stand out).

“Work by work, the state economy is reactivated and the ravages that the pandemic brought with it are reduced,” said the governor.

The construction sector registered a production value of more than 15,400 million pesos, from January to November 2021 (hence the public investment that represented 50% of the total and registered an increase of 1 percent).

The entity, revealed the governor, was placed fifth in value of agri-food production (with 87,000 million pesos) and sixth in agriculture (with more than 62,598 million and contributing 5.5% of the national total).

The president highlighted that in his fourth year of government, the level of employment prior to the pandemic was recovered; During 2021, 28,860 jobs were generated on average per month, “this is 6,605 more than last year.”

Taking as a reference the number of insured workers in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), at the end of 2021, Guanajuato has more than 1 million employees, the positive balance was more than 42,000, equivalent to a growth of 4.3 % compared to 2020.

“With this level, Guanajuato ranked seventh in job recovery. The sectors that stand out for their positive contribution to the recovery are: manufacturing, commerce, construction and transportation”, he stressed.


Regarding the investments and the capital attraction policy that have been made, Diego Sinhue assured that during 2021 an investment of 2,617 million pesos was made in 87 projects.

“Micro, small and medium-sized companies were supported with infrastructure, equipment, exhibition and commercial projection. Thus, the profitability of the agri-food sector is increased, entrepreneurship is encouraged and strategic sectors are strengthened through the development of innovative companies”, he pointed out.

The private investment that was achieved in 2021 was for more than 800 million dollars, which means 6,100 direct jobs in 13 projects.

The feasibility study for the Guanajuato Puerto Interior II project was developed and investments were received in the industrial zone for a total amount of more than 204 million dollars and the attraction of more than 3,190 direct and indirect jobs.

“128 companies are internationalized, as a result of the constant work in the development of companies and the approach of the exportable offer to international markets (…) 137 startups were also formed with 12 panels for the development of entrepreneurial skills”, underlined the report presented by the governor.

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