Ducklings bring ‘joy’ to Prince Albert school

Two recently hatched ducklings were delivered to the Grade 1 and 5 classrooms at Ecole St. Anne’s in Prince Albert on Wednesday.

It’s an annual tradition that’s been going on for over 15 years.

Principal Kathy Gaudet says it’s exciting to have the program return after a couple of years without.

“This year I think it was a bit of a surprise because we haven’t been able to do this for a few years, so a day like today was exciting. We’re coming out of COVID and restrictions, and it was a good time to get outside with another class and just have some joy.”

The students will learn all about life and growth through the baby ducks, and in one month they’ll send their fuzzy pals to the River Park Memorial Gardens to be the mascots of the grounds.

City councilor Don Cody says on June 9 when the ducks are released, the event will be celebrated.

“We have a great time. We serve hot dogs and cake and have a super time, music and it’s fantastic, we really enjoy it, they really enjoy it, and the public enjoys it.”

Grade 5 teacher Brittany Boisson says the students have been waiting eagerly to share the classroom with their guests.

“Definitely so fun,” said Boisson. “The kids are so excited to watch the ducks grow and to name them, and just to see them change, yes they’re excited.”

Since COVID-19 regulations prevented students from interacting with each other, Gaudet says this was one of the first times the kids in Grade 5 were able to get together with the Grade 1s.

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