Drop the masks in the schools of Saguenay

The end of compulsory mask wearing was highlighted in several places over the weekend, but it was only this Monday morning that school and daycare staff were able to take advantage of this new freedom.

In Saguenay, it was expected and desired for a long time.

Even if some people remain fearful, in general, everyone is relieved and happy to finally be able to show their best smile.

Students from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC) had never set foot on campus without covering their faces.

“It feels good to finally be able to move freely,” said one of them.

“We discover for the first time the faces of many people we have met since the beginning of our school career,” added another student.

Some young people enrolled in the UQAC language school who have just landed in Saguenay believed that wearing a mask was still compulsory in Quebec.

“I have several questions on this since this morning, explained a host, Sabryna Tremblay. We feel that it is ambiguous.

Relief in child care centers

At the CPE La Cache-cache located in the northern sector of the borough of Chicoutimi, the educators are delighted to no longer have to wear the mask, especially for toddlers.

“For language learning, it’s going to be wonderful,” said the installation’s coordinator, Annie Boulianne. We had the window masks, but the way they are designed, it was not comfortable to wear.

Ms. Boulianne understands the happiness of the children and parents who were able to see their educator’s smile for the first time on Monday, but she does not hide her fears.

“We are experiencing a staff shortage, so we have to be careful to prevent a staff member from catching it and infecting the others,” she said.

The COVID-19 virus is still circulating within the community, but very little in daycares, which are instead facing an upsurge in influenza these days.


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