“Dreaming more” and the desire of pharmaceutical companies to be like the car

Until the flag was the square this Tuesday at the Health Observatory. The pharmaceutical sector came to see the ‘task’ that the great bosses of the industry did: Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Merck and the pattern of employers: Juan Lopez Belmonte, as president of Farmaindustria.

The poor in the automobile industry must have had their ears ringing. And rightly so, because they were used as an example several times. They love them more than us! some came to say, while others (those who manufacture drugs) claimed that they invest as much or more than car companies in R + D + i.

But beyond the jealousy for the affection of society, the concern of the ‘popes’ is in the European funds in general and in the PERTE of health in particular. For now, the representatives of the Government (and we say LAS because they have all been women) have not released a single word. We will see what they count Reyes Maroto and Diana Morant, because everyone here trusts them to say something.

Do not think that everything is a state secret. The problem is that many here know things, but do not want to tell them. Just look at the rogue face of Lopez-Belmonte when we asked him about PERTE and he went to Peteneras: “You can’t tell everything you know.”

A chronicle of heart: Alberto de Rosa, CEO of Centene in Europe, his birthday is the same day as Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Pablo Iglesias: October 17. Be careful, we have also learned that the vice president of EL ESPAÑOL, Cruz Sánchez de LaraIt is also from October 17. And a long list more, which then came out while we discussed the play.

We propose a party with everyone on October 17, which is great for us. We don’t know if Cruz and Alberto will like it, but there it is. We will confess that we were actually thinking of asking Ayuso and Iglesias, but spending a night arguing about whether “freedom” or the “extreme right” is what triumphs in Madrid does not appeal to us.

The networking it has worked very well. At least, it is what we see from the stage. Patricia lacruz placeholder image, CEO of Pharmacy, has arrived like a rock star. He has been stopping every few meters to greet each other. Of course, the news of the day has left us: Health is already studying a reform of the pharmaceutical copayment to make it more equitable.

There are points of rapprochement between the public and the private. “Together, together, together.” The private ones say it, which could be Pedro Sánchez’s campaign slogan. But I’m afraid they pay more attention to the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, who believes that “we have to dream more and work together to achieve our dreams.”

Now, there are turbulences because Calzón (and the Government) are in favor of vaccines being considered a global public good, and from the private sector they do not share. Patents do not touch!

Ana Pastor has been the one who has made us sweat the most ink. We do not know if it will be because he has come up or because the saint has gone to heaven, but he has been on the verge of seeing how we got the yellow card from him.

From Galician to Galician. Although in this case it was applauded. We talk, of course, about Maria Jesus Lamas. The director of the Aemps shook herself and did not shy away from any issue. He confirmed what this newspaper had advanced at the end of the summer, that Mariano Esteban’s ‘made in Spain’ vaccine did not pass the ITV to go to clinical trials and hinted that it is not so clear that the future will go through an annual vaccination against the Covid.

What food! And we do not say it for the food. You can tell that the ‘old’ colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry have not met in a long time. Above all they dedicated themselves to making a ‘suit’ for those who were not present. Well, some of those present. Axes flew among the wines. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

By the way, the award for the most compliant speaker this Tuesday goes to the CEO of AstraZeneca in Spain, Ricardo R. Suarez, which has arrived at 7.15 in the morning.


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