Dozens of entertainment venues summon anticipated New Years Eve this Wednesday in Catalonia

Time plays against him, but some entertainment venues are calling parties to say goodbye to the year next Wednesday night with an anticipated New Year’s Eve format. The idea runs through some chats in the sector and social networks. Obviously, there is no scope to advance posters of hired artists or some decorative assemblies, but some businessmen are in favor of convening anticipated celebrations prior to the event. closing of the nightlife planned for 00.00 hours on Friday.

The sources consulted conceive it as a way to output the huge stock of drinks that they already had bought for these dates, and also as a farewell to the clientele. They do not imply any legal breach, because today the rooms are still in operation as long as access is controlled with a covid certificate. “Each one is free to have parties and give them whatever name they want,” sources from the sector have told this newspaper.

Many locals have already circulated their image of the improvised calls on social networks this Tuesday. In some cases politicians are even referred to. New Years Eve on December 22 is being organized throughout the territory, from Barcelona to coastal and inland towns.

However, the tight time frame complicates the organization in some rooms. Although no one doubts that on Wednesday, whatever the name of the festivities, the number of massive layoffs by users of discos and nightclubs. And as a direct message to the Government.

Covid and mental health

The parties of End of the year They represent the most lucrative night in the nightlife sector, as the leisure and catering employers’ associations have gathered today, all together, against the limitations announced by the Government. In Barcelona, ​​some 200,000 party tickets had already been sold, which must now be refunded, despite the fact that the locals had already prepared for this service. The same will happen in restaurants and hotels.

The group has warned that the closure of the activity will return thousands of workers to the ERTE and will lead many others to unemployment, since in many rooms they had opted for three-month contracts until seeing how the regulation of their activity evolved.

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On the other hand, night owls they are also devastated at the prospect of another year without fun or possible freedom of movement. The employers have argued this Tuesday that for the youngest these measures represent an emotional damage that affects their mental health, and leads them to other forms of socialization without capacity or toilet control.

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